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A Star Trek Adventures game set just after Star Trek V, following the exploits of the USS Hathaway.


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Player Characters[edit]

Ananthi "Nan" Kettering, Commanding Officer, played by squidheadjax
L'Igra, Head Nurse and First Responder, played by Sage Genesis
Lenara Xel, Communications Officer, played by chrisinpm
Rachel Carlyle, Chief Engineer, played by jmucchiello
Shran, Executive Officer, played by Meriss
Talla Zh'shran, Chief of Security, played by Aurebesh
Tolek, Chief Science Officer, played by Civil Savage

MIA: Kimiko Sugiyama, played by Maya Qwan

Other Officers[edit]



Lieutenant Mia Brothers, female Human, power systems, comm systems, and transporters
Lieutenant jav Brin, male Andorian, warp and transwarp engines, life support, gravity and inertial system

Ensign Mara Martine, female human, communications, damage control, linguistics





The Technical Manual[edit]

USS Hathaway
FTL Charts