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Salisbury, looking toward Penglai with Djinn's Bane and Beaumonde visible between.
The Lingshire Range during Penglain Summer

A rugged frontier planet with a small population of settlers. Salisbury gets little in the way of sunlight from its distant sun Kalidasa. However, a relatively CO2 heavy atmosphere provides a greenhouse effect keeping the climate tolerable for human life, if on the cold side (average surface temperature of 45F, (7.3C)). Once every 23 years (for a period of about 2 years) the Proto-Sun Penglai nears Salisbury, and the average temperature raises by about 5 degrees. This is called the Penglain Summer.

Salisbury is sparsely inhabited with only two major cities.

  • Summer 2522 - A supply ship arrived at the site of an Abbey to find it deserted. No sign of violence, but no sign of the large group of monks. The Abbey had a reputation for reforming many small time criminals, but it is unknown whether that has anything to do with it.

Salisbury City [Pop 75,000]
Stonehenge Starport Class C
Salisbury has a large open air market for the sale of lumber, livestock, stone and other goods. Salisbury City has a stone by stone replica of Stonehenge from Earth that Was, which was built by its founder (grandfather of its current Mayor and regional Governor Derek Smalls) Nigel Tufnel.

Winterbourne [Pop 50,000]
Starport Class D
Winterbourne is found high in the mountains, a location selected to take advantage of existing volcanic activity for geo-thermal power and water resources. Winterbourne is known for its production of natural gas (used in the production of Hydrogen fuel cells).

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