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Stairway to the Heavens[edit]

Character Sheet Template (by drearyArchon)

Player Characters[edit]


Aaron Windsor (drearyArchon)

Alexander Stueart (t@nya)

Jeremy Espinosa (Leliel)

Vincent Nguyen (Muskrat)


Jerocho Polis (Funkadelic)

Maya Ikeda (Jolinaxas)

Animeros (insertname)

Colleen Fitzcollin (Stormraven)


Momentum Pool: 6/16

A resource shared by all Players. Each time a player fails a roll, they add 1 Momentum to the pool. If the failed roll used a Specialty, add +1 Momentum. If the failed roll resulted in a Botch, add +2 Momentum to the pool.

A player can spend 1 Momentum per die to add a single die to a dice pool, before it is rolled. This dice pool can belong to any player, or even a Storyguide character. This is with the agreement of the table; if a player wants to spend Momentum, they must share their idea with the table. If every player agrees, the Momentum is spent.

A player can spend 3 Momentum to add another interval to a complex action, giving the characters more time in which to work.

If a player has a Knack that requires spending Momentum, they may spend it. They don’t need another player’s say-so.

If the players spend more than half the Momentum pool in a single scene, all players gain 1 Experience.



Tension Pool: 7

An SG resource that functions like Momentum but for the SG.

Base Tension is the Number of Players + the average Legend in the group and refreshes every Arc. Points are added to the Tension Pool whenever a player character overcomes a Condition or suffers a Calling Crisis.

Spending Tension is always instantaneous, retconning the situation slightly. This should never result in major inconsistencies, but it's relatively easy to explain away any use of it. Tension can be spent in a number of ways:

Archetype Promotion (3 Tension): Remove an Antagonist's Archetype and replace it with the next higher up, making them much more competent.
Adding Qualities (2 Tension): Add one new Quality to the Antagonist.
Adding Flairs (1 Tension): Add one new Flair to the Antagonist.
Action Interrupt (2 Tension): The SG interrupts the initiative roster, adding a new slot for any Antagonist for a single round.
Defense Boost (1+ Tension): Raise an Antagonist's Defense by 1 per Tension spent, to a maximum of the Number of Players, for one round.
Instant Cooldown (1 Tension): Instantly refresh a single Flair for a single Antagonist.


Combat Tracker[edit]

Mook 1 Mook 2 Mook 3 Mook 4 Mook 5




OOC Thread

Orokos - To roll a dicepool of X, use [Xd10h8!]. If Y-again is involved use [Xd10oYh8!].

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