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Chon-zek, Duro Bounty Hunter[edit]

Hunt down Arvan for the bounty.

His enemy is Chon-zek, a Bounty Hunter. They were on the same side, once. Chon-zek worked with Arvan's syndicate a few times, tracking down nuisances from offworld and paying a portion of his commission for the local help. Chon-zek told Arvan stories about her life in the stars, hopping from planet to planet and hunting down criminals on the run. She was part of his inspiration to escape in the first place. Now, though, Arvan's old bosses have put up a bounty for his capture, and Chon-zek knows him well enough to think she might have an advantage in catching him first.

Kal Ebon, the Tenth Brother[edit]


Alecta’s former superior/mentor/tormentor. Presumed deceased at the Battle of Endor.

Kerry, ex-Imperial Doctor[edit]

Find a way to live with the things she’s done.

His enemy is Kerry, an ex-Imperial doctor. Years ago Kerry came to Jussup with her own moral objections and Jussup loyally convinced her to stay in Imperial service.

Lieutenant Rye, Imperial Fugitive[edit]

Look out for number one.

Her Rival, of sorts, is Lieutenant Rye, a young Imperial officer who was just starting her rise through the ISB when everything went to hell at Endor. She and the almost-trained Inquisitor got far more flirty than propriety and regulations warranted. She's one of the few people who both knows that Alecta existed and that she fled from Endor, and feels more than a little put out at being 'abandoned' like that. That said, Rye's allegiance is to her own ambition rather than the Empire proper, especially these days, so when she makes trouble for Alecta, it might be on another faction's behalf.

Rhin, a Twi’Lek Smuggler[edit]

Never get caught out.

Used to be his captain; Konn thought he'd played her until he found himself marooned without his share in a cantina on some pestilent desert planet -- that's when he decided to find a nicer crew to ship out with


Jal, Human Ship Mechanic[edit]

Be recognized as an artist of stellar engineering.

Jal, a ship mechanic -- she's an artist with enhanced alloys, and a good friend from the old days.

Je-Zee, Moni Calamari Rebel-turned-Diplomat[edit]

Helping the fractured worlds rebuild their ties

His ally is Je-zee, a Mon Calimari rebel turned diplomat. Je-zee is one of the rebels that Jussup suggested watching instead of arresting.

Laxx, Quarren Crime Lord[edit]

Earning respect through any means necessary

Her Friend, of sorts, is Quarren crime lord Laxx, with whom her master in the Inquisitorious had repeated dealings. He was somewhat fond of the silly little human girl who thought she was scary, and he's now a useful source of bounties because there's always someone who owes him money. Aside from being criminally well-connected, his portly figure belies surprising fighting skill, including teras kasai training, so he is not to be pissed off lightly.

Shod, Trandoshan Weapons Dealer[edit]

Make enough money to retire.

His close friend is Shod, a Weapons Dealer. Shod travels from planet to planet, selling to distributors. Arvan helped to broker some deals for his bosses back in the day, and when that work was done, helped Shod with some personal problems on the side. In return, Shod gave him combat training that he never would have gotten access to on his own. The two still get along.


Pelgo Bar, the Liar[edit]

Voiced by Sandi Toksvig

Pull the wool out from under you.

Mon Calamri, confident, affable, always on top, sociopathic, manipulative, always has another something up their sleeve, cyborg eye.