Scum and Villainy - No Disintegrations

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A Scum and Villainy Game run by MrPrim
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Current Status[edit]

Crew Stats
Gambits: 1
Arrival 1/8
Current Bounty
The Client: UNKNOWN - proxied via the Bondsman's Guild
The Reward: Standard Bounty in New Republic Credits [6 Cred]
The Target: Pelgo Bar, Mon Calamari Con Woman voiced by Sandi Toksvig

The Galaxy[edit]

The bounty hunting vessel the Last-Chance-2.

And her Crew:

The Worlds of the Galaxy.

Factions of the Post-Imperial Era.

The Galaxy is full of Faces. These are some of them.

What To Do[edit]

If you're not sure what to do, do one of these, they're how you earn XP!

  • Roll a desperate action.
  • Address a tough challenge with insight or compassion.
  • Express your beliefs, drives, heritage, or background.
  • Struggle with issues from your vice or traumas during the session
For the Mechanic
  • Address a challenge with technical skill or ingenuity.
For the Muscle
  • Address a challenge with force or threats.
For the Mystic
  • Address a challenge with wisdom or the Force.
For the Pilot
  • Address a challenge with speed or flair.
For the Scoundrel
  • Address a challenge with charm or audacity.
For the Speaker
  • Address a challenge with deception or influence.
For the whole Crew
  • Execute a successful extraction operation or capture of a bounty.
  • Contend with challenges above your current station.
  • Bolster your crew’s reputation or develop a new one.
  • Express the goals, drives, inner conflict, or essential nature of the crew.