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The Last-Chance-2 is a Kuat Systems Iridium-Class Asteroid Mining Freighter, refitted by the crew into a quick-yet-sturdy bounty hunting vessel.

The Ship[edit]

Designation: Kuat Systems Iridium-Class Asteroid Mining Freighter
Ship Size: Freighter
Crew Reputation: Honorable
Crew: 0 / 3


Comms: 2 / 4

◈ Long-Range Scanner
◇ Nexus Link

Engines: 2 / 3

◈ Jump Drive

Weapons: 1 / 3

◈ Grappling Hooks
◈ Particle Cannons

Hull: 1 / 2

Special Abilities[edit]

◈ Licensed
Take -2 heat on any legitimate bounty hunting job. Your ship can carry particle weapons, and your crew can carry and legally use heavy blasters in the pursuit of a target.
◇ On the Trail
Your crew gains an extra downtime activity to work on long-term projects, or acquire assets to track bounties.
◇ Light Touch
You gain potency when tailing a target, or when gathering info at a target’s previous location.
◇ Snatch’N’Grab
When you use a deception, infiltration, or social plan to execute a kidnapping or extraction, add +1d to the engagement roll.
◇ Loaded for Bear
Your crew can carry +1 load. They have distinctive and high-quality armor. When you wear armor, it counts as heavy armor (two uses).
◇ Play Both Sides
When you release a bounty target, make them a crew contact.
◇ Deadly
Each crew member may add 1 action rating to command, scrap, or skulk (up to a max of 3).
◇ ◇ Veteran
Choose a special ability from another source.

Crew / Ship Upgrades[edit]

◇ AI Module
◇ Armory
◈ Brig
◇ Galley
◇ Medical Bay
◇ Science Bay
◇-◇ Shields
◇ Insight
◈ Prowess
◇ Resolve
◇ Playbook
Ship Gear
◇ Holo-Emitters
◇ Intruder Alarm
◇ Land Rover
◇ Power Reserves
◇ Shuttle
◇ Stasis Pods
◇ Vault
Crew Gear
◇ Alien Pet
◇ Land Transport
◇ Recon Drone
◇ Survival Gear
◇ Workshop
Cerberus Upgrades
◇ Tracers
◈ Stun Weapons
◇-◇ Personal Vehicles
◇-◇ Hard Knocks
◇-◇-◇ Smooth Criminals