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Ladies and gents, I hereby present to you the wiki for our Dark Heresy PBP, for convenience and ease of access. Anything you want to edit, add, or provide, feel free to change up. Mostly, I'll be using this to store PC sheets and to keep a list of named NPCs we've run across. My benefit as well as yours.

Format stolen from Xeno_Investigation_Team_117, in the finest of wiki traditions.


Sebastian_Ghent, Hive-born Cleric (Kaiu Keiichi)
Iuliana_Ito, Schola Progenium Sororitas (Azazel)
Mallicent_Zeldarma, Noble-born Guardswoman (Tylorva)
Janelle_Faydra_Iioneyse_Dominique, Noble-born Arbitrix (Andrensath)
Ravia, Noble-born Assassin (Faustus21)
Nova, Hive-born Scum (Silent Wayfarer)
Tyrion_Fatalis, Voidborn Psyker (Chiron)
Defeacus_Eram, Mind-cleansed Psyker (Thordic)(Inactive?)
Named NPCs


The Hiveworld Genhennine has been settled by humanity for thousands of years; human settlements have been recorded on-world as long as data has been available. The air is toxic, and so nearly the entire population is clustered in the hives, under sealed domes that protect the inhabitants from the planet's climate. ('Dome,' in this case, is an archaic term that refers to any sealed structure that protects those inside from environmental effects--'domes' in the hive cities can be shaped as square structures or tipped with gothic spires.)

Hive Priamus is a fat, sprawling thing, which spreads out over the landscape after millenia of unplanned building. The spire, from a distance, seems to steadily taper to a point, but below it, the rest spreads out over the landscape at a shallow angle, with irregular towers, dips, and the occasional gap from a collapse.


Travel in the hive can be accomplished by a network of trams, lifts, and conveyors. Normally travel between levels is extremely difficult, but recognized members of any Adepta find movement markedly simpler, with little more than a cursory inspection at the checkpoint. Even so, travel between Hive levels can take at least three or four hours from the manufacturing levels to the Spire. Less affluent areas have less reliable transportation, up to and including 'walk'.

GM Rulings[edit]

Psychic Powers[edit]

Since the rules state that you may roll dice up to your Psy Rating when attempting to achieve a power's Psychic Threshold, you may opt to roll no dice, and therefore achieve a PT equal to your WP Bonus plus other modifiers (or 2 x WP Bonus + mods if you used Invocation). This means you can completely avoid the risk of Perils of the Warp and Psychic Phenomena with very low-PT powers.

Rules not from the core book[edit]

Rules from non-core books are permitted, but I'd appreciate page numbers at best, book sources at the very least.


I'll be using InvisibleCastle for dice rolls. Links will be included with the roll. Right now, I'm rolling for PCs as well as NPCs during fight scenes--I'm hoping it keeps the pace a little faster. If people have strong opinions there, please, let me know.