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Secret of the Stonearm Campaign[edit]

Welcome to the Secret of the Stonearm campaign wiki. This wiki site is a resource for a play-by-post tabletop fantasy role-playing game to run the Goodman Games' Dungeon Crawl Classics adventure module of the same name. The game will be utilizing Deep7's Broadsword 1PG game system. The goal of this wiki site is to form a repository of information about the game that is easily accessible and edittable to the entire game group.

Adventure Synopsis[edit]

A merchant’s beautiful daughter is missing, and only the heroes can save her! The search leads to a band of assassin-thugs called the Stonehands, whose magically enhanced stone hands give them great powers. To rescue the merchant’s daughter, the heroes must best teeming jungles, deadly cults, a demigod’s tomb, and a wizard with ancient magic at his fingertips!

The Heroes[edit]

Leal the Unlucky: Thief (Played by MetalMan)
Malagre the Quill: Scholar (Played by BeyondBelief)
Kocha the Dark: Mercenary (Played by wicker95)
Ragnar the Barbarian: barbarian (Played by Mike D.)

Official Threads[edit]

IC Thread
OOC Thread


Official Broadsword World Map