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Sephyr "Tav" Tavish[edit]

Name: Sephyr "Tav" Tavish
Archetype: Agent
Professions: Clandestine, Military
Background: Regimented
Player: strangebehaviour
Appearance: Meditative, bland, weary
Mettle +2
Physique +1
Influence -1
Expertise 0
Interface +1
Armor +3


Deduction When you first witness a situation, you may ask one of the following questions, the GM will answer honestly:

Who or what...

is most vulnerable in this situation?

is most dangerous in this situation?

caused this situation?

Stealth Whenever you can move around freely and are unobserved, you can choose to vanish without a trace. While missing, you may show up in the midst of events, as long as you can explain how you got there.
Interrogation Who you question someone who is at your mercy, gain 3 Data Points about them: their lives, their job, their transactions, their friends, their family, their guilt, their shame, etc.
Heavy Lifting Ignore the Clumsy trait inflicted by heavy weapons, heavy armour, encumbrance, and high gravity.
Toughness You can suffer two injuries of each severity, rather than one.
Tactics When you Open Fire or Launch Assault, you choose one or more consequences on a partial success (7-9), not the GM.
Sneak Attack When you get the drop on someone , Roll+Mettle.

On a 10+ choose 1.
On a 7-9 the GM will give you 2 of the following options, choose 1 of them.

  • Kill them
  • Injure them
  • Rob/Disarm them
  • Capture/disable them

Advancement Trigger: (Starfarer) A system is pushed to the limit.


The Invisible Hand (x3)


The Invisible Hand


  • Class 0 – Utilitarian attire
  • Class 0 - Shockstick (melee, stuns/electrocutes)
  • Class 1? - Boarding Pistol (adjacent/close, doesn't puncture hull plates)
  • Class 1 – Body armour, rugged, (+2 armour)
  • Class 2 – Svaan-Tairyn Laser rifle (Class 1, Two-handed, Close/Far, Laser, Class 2 upgrade Stabilized)
  • Class 3? - Debilant-Morokof AP flechette pistol (One-handed, Close, Concealed, Armour-piercing)
  • Class 3 - Tactical Helmet/Belt: Uniform (Seven Stars), Shielded (+1 armor force field), Visor (detect weapons/explosives, protects against vision and hearing impairment), Sense Enhancing (vision magnification and enhanced hearing)
  • Medkit


Barracks (efficient, defensible, practical)

Data Points[edit]

  • 1 - Seline Massajen
  • 1 - Human Interface (from Kärkkäinen)




  • Injuries:
Injury First Second
  • Debilities: none
  • Scars: previously broken nose, various combat scars, indented scar on left shoulder from jetbird impalement.


Sephyr "Tav" Tavish grew up in a militaristic society that was part of The Seven Stars, a military coalition where conscription was a fact of life. He was an artistic child and loved drawing, but gave it up aged ten because of his older brother Jaxon's bullying. Like most of his peers he was conscripted when he came of age.

Tav didn't have any ambitions outside of soldiering, simply because it was never an option. He was placed in the Marines, and life was an endless round of fighting, sleeping, and blowing off steam, and maybe you lived long enough to do it again tomorrow. He was a good soldier, didn't think too much about right and wrong, and as a result was known as someone you could assign to morally grey tasks - which is how he ended up on the Tegaris IV mission. Tasked with testing prototype DarkMo on insurgents, something went wrong and the planet was placed under interdiction. The survivors of the mission were separated and Tav hasn't seen them since.

Shortly after, Tav was assigned to escort Invisible Hand representative Jade Massajen-Li, part of the Traders Guild of Oros Sector, during negotiations between their two factions. He did her a "really stupid" favour, and the next thing he knew he was part of the asset exchange. She took him back to her compound where he met and befriended her granddaughter Seline Massajen, while he acclimitised to civilian life.

The Guild retrained Tav, and he went to work for them as an enforcer and interrogator. It's not work he enjoys, but he's good at it. He's recently been tasked with keeping an eye on Abigail Tessler-Fontainbleau, daughter of a prominent Guild family, who's showing a lamentable desire to explore the wider galaxy. He's serving on the Beowulf as hired security, but his brief is to try to keep her out of trouble and report or eliminate any potential issues for the Guild.

Other Info[edit]

  • Tav's Seven Stars Service Number: XR349-94837.
  • Jade Massajen-Li - the Invisible Hand Negotiator who got Tav out of the Seven Stars.
  • Seline Massajen - Jade's granddaughter, Tav's (former?) friend.
  • Tegaris IV - planet where Tav encountered DarkMo in an op gone wrong. Currently under interdiction due to the effect it had on the planet.
  • Dante, Kelso, Garvey, Freen - the others on the DarkMo mission. (Dante got out of the Stars and is a fixer, Kelso was killed by the DarkMo, Freen was killed by a landmine, Tav has no info on Garvey).
  • Callum - a lover from Tav's early days in service, transferred elsewhere when they crossed the line into a relationship.