Seth Sheehy

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Seth Sheehy is a character in St. Jude's Monsterhearts

Seth Sheehy[edit]

  • Origin: A family with unknown origins. The Union of the Snake was cast out of Ireland long ago, they say. Seth privately thinks that it's a metaphor.
  • True Form: Snake tail, undulating limbs without joints.
  • Human Appearance: Seth is a tall, slender young man with Sleek, slicked-back red hair and Hypnotic green eyes that you could lose yourself in. Despite his family's allegedly Irish heritage, he has no trace of an Irish accent at all.


  • Hot 2
  • Cold 1
  • Volatile -1
  • Dark -1


  • Failing Dynasty

In the age of serpents, your family was powerful and prolific. Now, they live in a shadow of their former glory. They want to regain (choose one): their political clout; their old wealth; their failing beauty; their web of secret allegiances.

Whenever you are convinced to do the bidding of a family member, carry 1 forward to doing it and that family member gains a String on you. Whenever you help your family regain some of their former glory, mark experience.

  • Mesmerizing

When you stare at someone without blinking, roll with Hot. On a 10 up, they freeze up until you blink or someone touches them, and they gain the Condition dazed. On a 7-9, they gain the Condition dazed.

Other Moves[edit]

Sex Move

When you have sex with someone, they become a part of the Failing Dynasty (and subject to the move’s mechanics).

Darkest Self

You aren’t ever going to be able to reconcile the human and serpent worlds. You can’t live with the lies and insanity any longer. You need to reject one side or the other to escape this madness. Run the fuck away, hide, return to the bosom of your serpent family or abandon them entirely for the human world. You’ll threaten, hobble or destroy anyone who tries to keep you enmeshed in contradictory obligations. You escape your Darkest Self when you submit yourself to the old obligations once more, or you shed your past life and integrate yourself into a new family


Seth is at St. Jude's because money and power gathers here, in the opinion of his family. They want him to gain influence over students who will be powerful and important in the world some day. Faking being Anglican is nothing new-- they've been faking being Christian, and, for that matter, human for a long time. (And are still bitter about that incident back in the fifth century AD...)

"Mum and Dad want to be the Addamses. No, really, they do. All creepy dignity and casual references to what we are and what we do, and then also going on about our ancient duties and ceremonies and all. All dignity and ceremony and why haven't you seduced the best girls in the class yet?

Sarah's a year younger than me. Setting out to be the black sheep of the family, and all that-- always fighting with everyone, shaving her head, whatever.

Sasha's my baby brother, and he must be eleven. Bit more into the family stuff. Well, at that age, it all sounds more magical, I guess. Dad spoils him rotten."