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The Seven Realms are an interconnected series of 10 universes or Spheres in the region between the Mandalay and Amber Sways. They have a strong interconnected collection of linkages. They have a great deal in common with each other and a lot of various methods to travel between them.

Seven Realms[edit]


Antheris is the most unified and heavily populated of the Seven Spheres. It is in a universe with forty-eight known planetary systems inhabited by a human population of 32 billion people. There are 7200 inhabited planetary bodies and somewhere between 20k and 100k artificial habitations. It has been an interstellar civilization for 6,000 years with a recorded history of 21,000 years on Homeworld.

Early in the development of the species it made a critical developments choice to settle issues through ritualized sports, legal advocacy, and other methods rather then violent bloody warfare. This does not mean there were no wars or that pacifism was the only creed but it was the method of problem solving of failed diplomacy.


  • The Antheris Realm has Consistent Natural Laws.
  • It allows Low and High Order Magics though the use of them did not develop within the realm.
  • Racially only the standard human life form developed sentience in the realm. There is a huge amount of diversity of form within the race. Other lifeforms such as Elves, Ralni[[1]], Vulcans, Dwarves[[2]], gnomes, and Tharks[[3]] have large presences in the realm, having emigrated from other realms.


Homeworld is the birth place of the human race in the Antheris Realm. It has become the the governmental and legal center for the Seven Realms.


While firmly ensconced in a technological age the majority of people live near a 1900/2000 level of technology.


The realms of Tresha are planetary bodies in a mostly empty universe. The Big Bang is less then a billion years old and there are few systems that have stabilized enough to be a full planetary system but Tresha is one.

The system of Tresha has 35 bodies orbiting a trianary collection of three nearly white suns. The sky is filled with vast displys of lights, some that spend a century or two crossing the sky to be forgotten or related to legend.

It is estimated that there are 2 billion Treshans spread across 16 planetary bodies. Their ability to travel in space was imported from Klustris at some point in the unknown past.

People of Tresha[edit]

racilly the Treshans are probably a mixture of interbreed human, Elven, Orcish, and some elemental race. They have a mixture of body shapes and colors and have certain natural affinites to water, earth, air and fire, while not having active magical powers.






King Random's deck[edit]

There are numerous cards in King Random's deck, that lead here.

  • Unkantar: Lisel' Teahouse.[[4]]
  • Antheris:The Newsstand[[5]], King's Sandwich[[6]], and La Bisalta[[7]].