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Shadow is vast and its creatures are varied



There are many racial divisions of Elven kind. There are frequently local seperations as well.



Many thark races exist across shadow but the main form is typically 15' tall green or brown body, with 4 arms.


There are many varieties of orcs depending on the shadows.


The main body of orc kind.


This version of Orcs is not the same as the Kobold/Goblin races. This is a smaller version of orc with a variety differences fomr the stock of warlike orc. Orcorim goblins tend to be more mechanically inclined, perhaps smarter then military orcs. Goblins often are craftsman for the other orcish races. .


Uraks are a large version of warrior orcs with little technical ability.


Racially Adask are a midpoint between Urak Orc and Drow elves. Dark grayish to albino white skin to deep blue skin and dark hair. Most have pale blue eyes with red irises. Strong, athletic, and limber in general. Males tend toward tall and muscular. They are combative, argumentative and short tempered.

They have giant strength comparable to tharks[[1]](Chaos Rank).


A humanoid race with inate connections to magical forms of their realms.


The racial divisions of dragon are so massive across shadow that categorizing them is unreasonable. It is easier to categorize them by size.


Tiny dragons have a nose-tip to hip length of under 12".


12" to 5' Examples include Pseudo-Dragons.


5' to 20'


20' to 300'


300' to 1000'


1000' and above. Well known behemoth dragons in Vox, son of Oberon [[2]] and Hanvir, SOn of Oberon.[[3]]


Fey refers to a vast number of races under a general umbrella of somewhat magical races having connections to nature and the realms of their origin.

Various shadows would have dynamically different fey sub-races but some are essentially ubiquitous. Leprechauns, Faries, gnomes (Nature Oriented). Fey often have symbiotic relationships with other races. Elves, Dwarves, Orckind, Adask, and Human races all have such relationships in differant realms and it would be dangerous to assume such relationships occur across the multiverse in the same manners.

In those realms the races in symbiotic relationships are often considered Fey themselves. Most common are Elven races who in many shadows are nearly indistinguishably intertwined, The Adask have a similar relationship and it is widely suspected that the Adask and Fey races intermingled long enough ago that members of Fey and Adask newborns often generate respectable mutual powers.

(GM NOte: For all practical purposes the D&D list of the fey is useful and complete. Jeweled Amber specialties have their own details. [[4]])

Origin of Fey Races[edit]

There are many origins for races considered fey but three are the most important. Non-Born,In realm Creation, Immigration from Chaos.

  • Non-Borns refers to races created at the time of a major inscription's creation. For example Fey, and their associated race the Adask, were created at the time of the creation of Adagalasck. This means that the Fey were on the mind of the creator at the time and they came into being as part of the process of creation. Most Non-born have a sense of having come into being and may or may not separate real memories from memories that they were created knowing despite the events not occurring.
    • The Amber Fey Court counts its origins as coming into being at the "Time of creation". It has had a quietly tempestous relationship with the people of Amber, especially the royal line.
  • In Realm Creation refers to being that came to be in the natural processes of the shadow they are in, however diverse they may be. This may be evolutionary, spontaneous, migratory, or many other methods but the similarities are that the races of fey created in this method do not have connections to Chaos or a racial connection to being Non-Born.
  • Immigration from Chaos. This is a complicated issue worthy of extensive documentation. However in short the Fey with this origin are a general classification for many diverse descriptions of races with many different powers. In these races there is the memory that they once existed in vast tracts of Chaos and lived in different manners.

Their origin myths may include an exodus out of Chaos for many different reasons. An example of this is among the Adask races that in many shadows have an origin myth claiming they were formed out of "Chaos" though not specifically citing the Courts of Chaos.

In Jeweled Amber many races were caught on the Amber side of the Abyss when the forces of Law swept up Chaos converting the Stuff of Chaos into the Shadow Lands. Beings of sufficient power were not destroyed in the forces of change but were added to or transformed by it.

Also there were many races that left Chaos and the Abyss over the years to find places in the shadowlands, often with those of their racial form that had been caught on the Amber side. Among those with a strong memory of this are the Adask-Fey, a symbiotic race of Chaos, that were brought out of Chaos and the Abyss by Verna the Adask and Oberon of Amber. Members of the races so rescued settled in Adagalask, Azcala, and Pócaí as well as uncounted shadows.

For unclear reasons a massive migration of Fey from Chaos, the Abyss, and the Shadowlands simultaneously crossed shadow when Alamond was created, being drawn by its creation on magical journeys to this new place. Alamond Fey have become a main part of the entertainment culture in Alamond.

Fey powers[edit]

Fey Powers are diverse and will vary from realm to realm. However there are some general ones that can be considered common. See Fey Powers

Amber Fey Court[edit]

Adagalask Fey[edit]

The Fey races flocked to Adagalask once it was created but many Fey races were Non-born in the creation of the inscription. These Fey echo fey races found elsewhere but all bear certain special abilities. They have connections to specific levels of various stairs.

While Fey blood is common, and fey can be found in all parts of the realm, the primary residences of the Fey are in the south and they are specifically devoted to Emilie, the Mistress of the South Wind, and despite the racial, regional, and wing conflicts among the Fey they all recognize her as their queen and goddess. They often refer to her at Titania. They call their dark king, a creature gone for centuries but they fear his return, is the dreaded Oberon.

Many of the Adagalask Fey have a symbiotic relationship with the adask dating back to their shared origins in the Courts of Chaos.

Fey Swirls[edit]

Fey Swirls

Assorted Fey races[edit]


Folletti travel within twirls of gusting wind. These creatures look like 2-year-old humans dressed in outlandishly bright clothes with bangles and castanets, circled by winds. They can cause terrible amounts of damage by winds. They love to gamble, dance and make discordant music. They frequently give humans they like cheap baubles and will get irate, to the point of violence, if the person is not wearing it prominently the next time they see them, even over a period of years.

Folletti are lusty creatures. They mate and can interbreed with most of the fey. Thus they are the progenitors of many different types of fey.


These are not Orcind kobolds. There may be some connection but both Fey Koboldes ad Orcin Kobolds hate the suggestion of a connection.

Fey Koboldes are Elven orc-like races of average intelligence. They can be destructive and somewhat mischievous. Generally humanoid creatures with fairly powerful abilities. Think of a child with high level magical abilities . They are also clever craftsman. The practice of leaving food and clothes or shoes that need repair outside a door in kobolde country is common. The koboldes take the foods and return amazingly crafted repaired shoes. Sometimes they simply leave new shoes. Fey boots are greatly prized by rangers and thieves because they act as boots of silence and pass without trace. They also have the peculiar ability to not be noticed when worn with other clothes.


Leprechaun are powerful forces amongst the Fey and Fey Swirls and frequently are amongst the leadership. They appear as small humans, between 6" to 24". Like many of the fey races they are capricious, mischievous and fun-loving. They are also frequently leaders or instigators of many kinds of pranks they fey commit.

among the Leprechauns are several well known leaders and individuals.


Mermaids & Mermen A race of sea dwelling humanoids. These creatures were adopted into the fey swirls and soon became interbred with Fey to varying degrees. They rarely deal with land dwellers except in extreme circumstances. They frequently save shipwrecked sailors and drag them to shore. They are known to drag down pirate ships. The mermen are devoutly military. They can live for as long as a year out of water. Mermaids must return to the water weekly. They delight in making the mermen jealous, usually with good reason.


They creatures are part elven and part water elemental. As nature spirits they are powerful in their element. They usually appear as strikingly beautiful women. They spend considerable time on land, frequently confused with mermaids on land.


Dirty little humanoid field fey. They appear as 2’ tall old men, covered in dirt. They are mean spirited and petty little extortionists. They are deathly afraid of dogs, consequently causing the domestication of dogs in rural communities.

They can cause milk to sour or sweeten, crops to be plentiful or barren. They can cause bees to pollinate selectively. They are constantly near bees, bumblebees, wasps, and other stinging insects. They threaten farmers with bad crops if not paid in silver or copper. They can not touch gold or platinum and do not value any metal other than copper and silver.


Sprites are mischievous and playful creatures that associate with some elemental form of nature. Wood Sprites are Dryads. Usually small, winged, creatures, they are playful, silly, even frolicsome creatures. They have substantial magical abilities in the areas of nature they associate with.

Fey in Shadow[edit]

Donovan's encounters with the fea in shadow[edit]

Fey Royal's In shadow world

  • Ireland:Leprechaun
  • Wales- Hag
  • Persia- Giaffer
  • Chin-Dragon
  • Zimbala-Goso


Entish is a general name for sentient plants of many kinds that do not sustain themselves through magical means. Some forms of sentient plant life are magically intelligent, possessed of spirits, or recipients of magical intellect and do not fit in this category.


Themselves are generally full bodied intelligent trees.

  • Hurons are a lesser intelligent subgroup of ents.


One of the best known and certainly most powerful sentient plant in all shadow.


In many realms there are intelligent olive trees ably to manage olive growth and production.


In many realms there are a wide variety of intelligent pepper trees. The Prepei are walking intelligent trees able to use magic.

Talking Trees[edit]

In many shadows are variations of living speaking trees beyond having a ubiquitous race of them.


Kobolds have very different representation in many realms with certain similarities.


While vast numbers of races of giants exist most are based on a racial template existing within the realms of origin. Human Giants, Thark Giants, etc....


While there are many Mer races across shadow most have some connection to the Fey race.


Mer races in Rebma and its circles of shadows are mostly humanoid in form with forms able to move easily underwater. Webbed hands and feet. Able to take in air through water.

Tailed Mer[edit]

Tailed mer are races that have human upper bodies and fish like tails. Many are able to shapeshift legs for short period of times


Minotaurs are a common race across a large swath of shadow. There are numerous variations.


A warrior form common in shadow region around Gesheka.





There are many mammalian races similar to bears.


A collection of various bear-like sentient races in the Rashata universes all with a single world of origins. Not a space faring race then inhabited a region of a galaxy that had intermittent world gates allowing transportation between worlds within a certain sweet spot of survivability for this rugged race. An ancient race that every few hundred years would seed substantial colonies are far flung worlds only to have the portal close to never allow the pioneers to make contact .

Ursar serve in the Amber Star Fleet but are a minor race.


Dilbiens are a bear like race able to uses tools. They have a mixed intelligence from animal level to highly intelligent.


Undead races appear most often in shadows closer to Chaos.


Trolls are a race with wide varieties but some general similarities. Often battlefield companions of orcs and goblins. Some trolls are known across shadow by name. Some trolls get smeared with common tales that may or not apply to them.

The diverse definitions of races claiming to be Trolls is troublesome. They are many Troll Races among the Fey but certainly not all.

Common myths[edit]

  • The most common myth is that they guard bridges and charge tolls. While this does occur often enough in diverse shadows, there are many differences. Some guard trolls are greedy and violent. Others peaceful and polite.
  • Small trolls are common as tomb dwellers and forest denizens.
  • There are many trolls considered sages and sorcerers or natural mages.
  • Small troll children are known to be exchanged with babes of other races for a variety of reasons.

Garden Trolls/Gnomes[edit]

Depending on the specifics of shadows a common form of troll are tenders of gardens. Often they are considered gnomes and the difference from shadow to shadow can be small, even in choices of clothing. Such garden trolls can heal sick plants, cause covering plants to extend and prosper. Thye can purify fouled water. They can be fierce foes of rabbits and rats and other garden pests. They often use insects as domesticated beasts in the protecion and prosperity of their gardens. They can be fiercely loyal to a plot of land and even to the family that lives on it and prospers. They are often family friends, baby caretakers, and companions of family pets.

Notable Trolls[edit]

  • By far the most well known Troll across shadow is Grendal.
  • Agvash is a War Troll in the service of Borlak. 14' tall riding beast form of T-Rex. He also has a horde of his modified T-Rex mounted by smaller war Trolls. His company of 1000 warriors is on of the shock forces in the mighty army of Borlak


There are many lizard-saurian races.


There are a vast number of lizardmen across shadow. The evolutionary chain that leads to them differ and they bear the markings of them

  • Lizardmen evolved from small land lizard tend toward fast and agile creatures.
  • Lizardmen evolved from dinosaurs have evolved down from a greater form but may still bear dragon maws, horns, scales and ridges. They tend toward seprentine movements and may have active or vestigial tails and wings. Few cases include dragon breathes but they are not unheard of.
  • Lizardmen evolved from dinosaurs tend toward large body and combative natures. Mostly omnivores, few lizardmen races evolved from plant eaters. There are numerous well known versons of lizardmen evolved from various forms similiar to T-Rexs.
  • Lizardmen evolved from alligators or crocodiles.
    • An alligator evolved Lizardmen exist in many shadows of Azcala. They are exempt from compulsory heart sacrifices and provide something close to 3% of the population of the realm. They do well in the military and are represented in all the cults.

The Cipactlix of Azcala[edit]


This is a race of lizardmen that either evolved from crocodiles in the realms of Azcala or may have been created at the time the squiggle of Azcala was inscribed.

They provide something close to 8% of the population of the realm and 12% of all military group. They do well in the military and are represented in all the cults. While there are many purely Cipac military units they also mix regular in standard units. the Cipactlix mix regularly among the population. There are few racial issue among the humanoid and lizard races. They eat the same foods though the Cipac tend to prefer raw meats. Being a cold blooded race they experience heat and cold extremes differently.

Physically their stats for strength & endurance are Chaos Ranked. Their Psyche and Warfare start at Human Ranked but many are much higher depending on their disciplines and inclinations.

  • High Psyche Cipac often join the Priesthood. Many become sorcerers.
  • High Warfare Cipac often do very well in the military rising to high rank.

There are royal lines of the Cipac in most realms. The Rashgaraxli are a royal house in Zunala. [[5]] Their royal family is huge and sprawling and fractured with many clans fighting for dominance among themselves. King Lxaztk is the current King of the Rashgaraxli line and is a close personal friend and supporter of Xolotl, King of Zunala.

Cipactlix Bond Warriors[edit]

Among the Cipact is a ritual performed for many reasons where a warrior, or many warriors, will bind themselves to a great warrior magically. This allows the warrior to summon them to combat. The Cipac Bond Warrior gain strength and endurance by subjecting themselves to the ritual.

Summoning a warrior creates a magical call bring the warrior and anything they are carrying with them. The warrior may then serve the person they are bonded two for several days before they are sent to the point of their origin.


The Agoliths are residents of a Shade of Amber,Agolia that due to uncertain interactions after the repair of the pattern, and with some interaction between the Primal Jewel of Judgment and the jewel of that shade were able to shadow walk into the realm of Amber.

Being a shade of Amber it has shadows/shades of the people of amber including the royal family.

The peculiarity of the shade is that its residents are half the size of their primal selves.

The Royal Family of Agolith arrived in Amber in Year 17 of Random's Reign. There was considerable confusion and merriment at first, and the family, with their King Random, the Victor of Patternfall, leading them. For nearly a year the embassy was celebrated, and feasted, and there was even talk of Agolia applying for Golden Circle status. Merchant and commercial arrangements were made.

However certain elements of the people of Amber were not amused by the friendly Agoliths and there were many developing problems. One of the major issues was the overt promiscuity of the members of the embassy including members of the royal family. While it was determined the Agoliths could not interbreed with Amberites there was considerable concern about it. There was also a great deal of fornication between the Agoliths and the resident of Amber.

Soon after relations soured between the two groups and in RE 19 they left Amber and have had no official relations since. There were issues with a Hooka delegation in Amber that lead to violence. There are still a number of mercantile exchanges between groups in Agolia but they are few and rare.

The Non-Partisan Anti-Agolith Association developed out of the arguments over the Agoliths. It is a semi-serious group, as much a drinking group as anything else?

While the Agoliths were not exactly unknown in Amber they had rarely been heard of. Queen Rilga was known to have a Agoltih navigator on her sailing ship after she left Amber.

((GM Note-Clearly this was part of the First game Arc of the Jeweled Amber campaign. ))


Hooka are a small furry bear like race. They have a mental structure that favors imitation rather then innovation.

Kzinti [edit]

'The kzinit are a tiger-form race in many shadows.

A major portion of the Kzin race are part of the warrior branch of the Amber Star Fleet. Many of there race are in the combat ground forces however they have a long history as a space faring race and can be found in nearly all parts of the Amber Star Fleet

Vulcan/Romulan/ Falsala[edit]


A 3 legged, 4 armed pyramidal life form.