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Miss Black[edit]

The Hunter (Mortality)

She's rad. Also, see pictures:


Blood 3, Heart 0, Mind 1, Spirit -1

Mortality 1, Night 1, Power 1, Wild -1

Gear: A hideout in a basement under a bodega, a modified van, a military standard rugged smartphone


  • Rifle (3-harm far) high-powered, silenced
  • SMG (4-harm close area loud) high-powered, big
  • Staff (2-harm hand/close) - bladed, hidden


  • Slayer: When you Keep Your Cool while on a hunt, roll with Blood instead of Spirit
  • Deadly: When you inflict harm, increase the harm by 1.
  • Do You Feel Lucky?: When you Persuade an NPC while wielding a 2-harm or greater weapon, roll with Blood instead of Heart.
  • Book Learnin’: When you encounter a supernatural creature, roll with Mind. On a hit, the MC will tell you a bit about it and how it can be killed. On a 10+, ask the MC a follow-up question; they will answer it honestly.On a miss, you misread the creature; the MC tells you how.


  • I keep pulling Jack Chen's ass out of the fire. He owes me two Debts.
  • Jake Chen keeps me equipped and supplied. I owe him two Debts.
  • Vivian has enlisted me to protect her from something very dangerous. She owes me a Debt.
  • Vivian is helping me keep a dangerous secret. I owe her a Debt.
  • I consider Luke a friend even though the friendship keeps bringing you trouble. He owes me a Debt.
  • Lachlan entrusted me with a dangerous task. She owes me a Debt.

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