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The City[edit]

An Overview[edit]

Toronto as it exists today was created by amalgamation in 1998. At this time, the downtown core combined with its surrounding cities to become the current city. In essence, Toronto's urban centre got combined with its suburbs into a single city. This has resulted in a tension within the city that exceeds normal neighbourhood conflicts of interest. Suburban home owners who commute into the downtown core have very different priorities than those who reside in the downtown core, and even within the suburbs there is division between those who think of themselves as citizens of a world class city and those who would prefer to live in a suburb where they work and live with only occasional forays into the actual city. Former Mayor Rob Ford exemplified the problems of the amalgamation—not just in his unfortunate behaviour being rewarded as opposed to punished until the very end, but in the way he expressed actual frustrations of the outlying regions of Toronto that others ignored.

The rest of Ontario, and Canada, hates Toronto. It is the thrumming heart of the Canadian economy and won't let anyone else forget it. You'll hear endless about it being a world class city from its politicians, business leaders, and provincial politicians looking for a boost. You'll hear far less about the many embarrassments such as the state of its transit city (the TTC, Toronto Transit Commission). It is underfunded, overburdened, and not able to take care of the capacity required. Likewise issues of police corruption (for instance around how organized crime is handled) go unremarked upon, as will the naked transfer of public money to private developers.

Random Points of Interests[edit]

Luminous Veil[edit]

The Prince Edward Viaduct, a stretch of Bloor Street / the Danforth that goes over Bayview Avenue and the Don Valley Parkway, was at one time a popular suicide spot. As a result the Luminous Veil got built to prevent access to jumpers. It was also supposed to have a light display as part of it (hence the display), but budget constraints prevented that until July of 2015 when it got lit up as part of the PanAm Games.

It is also what connects Bloor Street to the Danforth—both of which are major East-West connections (a subway runs along them). The Danforth is an area full of Greek restaurants and where a number of Greek communities are. Some of the street signs in the area have Greek letters on them along with the Roman alphabet.

The PATH[edit]

Toronto Island[edit]

Trinity Square[edit]





Most important person in Luke's territory.

Easy Higgins[edit]

Presumed dead hunter.

Floxxy Red[edit]

Easy Higgin's daughter / local singer.

Inspector Lestrade[edit]

SSGT YU Charles[edit]

A guy in the 32 Canadian Brigade Group, Combat Engineers Regiment, who can get stuff for his friends.


Dale Hackeysack[edit]

One of Damon's ghouls, official owner of the Hackeysack Comedy Club.


Knows about Luke, part of unofficial crew.


Knows about Luke, part of unofficial crew.


Knows about Luke, part of unofficial crew.





  • Russian with eyes on Luke's territory.
  • Smoke's "name to face": You know Evgeny the way that all those with infernal connections know him: someone not to do business with. There hasn't been a contract drafted that he couldn't wriggle out of or to his advantage, or just straight up break without consequence. And after he always flashes a shit-eating grin, shrugs, and says something rude in Russian. Not that he bothers doing much business anymore, but you've heard rumour that younger brokers sometimes get sucked in to dealing with him by proxy and end up very badly burned. So, yeah, Tetch is sending you on a job involving someone your community hates and who is considered very dangerous by them.

The Brisboises[edit]

Vivian's parents. Her mother was "taken" by magic. Her father's health is failing after a lifetime of manual labour.

Malachi Stormcrow[edit]

  • New wizard in town, out to rule the roost. Has groupies.
  • Smoke's "name to face": Stormcrow is a known shit stirrer, which means things are going to get very intense, very quickly. Stormcrow brings around his cult, demands various things, and claims he's going to clean up a city of everybody else that practices the art who doesn't worship him. Night-kin tend to enjoy his talk, and get used on the front lines. Last you heard of him, he'd blown Chicago after handing over its arch magus in residence to interested demonic forces in exchange for a text that demons thought had no value but that Stormcrow decoded into some very nasty sorcery. There's all sorts of fun bounties on him, especially if his work gets destroyed or stolen along with him getting delivered to the hells' hungry hordes.


The Twisted Man[edit]

Responsible for making Damon as he is.

Wild Cat[edit]

One of Lachlan's human friends, who has spent a lot of time in the court.

Mr. Emmerich[edit]

Owner of Singer's Stop, who quietly lets on about Vivian's abilities to a Night / Wild clientele.


A demon who hates earth and is eager for new management to fix the place up.


Skeeve was a burner who'd gone too far, more than one foot lost to the wrong places. When he finally got subsumed, he became a flit demon and his cage was the burn-outs on Skid Row. His ramblings didn't make for the easiest source of information, but his frames got around and he saw a lot. If you wanted a broad picture of the city and had the mental fortitude to pick through the jagged ramblings, Skeeve wasn't a bad choice for intel.



Smoke re: Damon: Demons don't give great briefings. But you did get a decent rundown out of somebody of current relevant players in Toronto. Who did you get it from? (Skeeve) Regardless, they mentioned a new parasite burrowing in the financial district. Filter feeding on laughter or the like. There was other stuff said, but it was gross and rude and probably not particularly useful information per se as it is the sort of thing demons usually toss in when describing others.

Summary Tables[edit]


Name Archetype Blood Heart Mind Spirit Harm Corruption
Jacob Chen The Veteran -1 1 2 1 0 3
Vivian Brisbois The Wizard 1 -1 1 1 0 0
Lachlan The Fae 0 1 0 1 0 0
Damon "The Fool" The Vamp 2 1 1 -1 0 4
Luke The Wolf 2 -1 0 1 3 2
Miss Black A Hunter 3 0 1 -1 0 0
Smoke Songprawati The Tainted 1 2 -1 0 0 0


Mark factions with bold gold

Name Faction Mortality Night Power Wild
Jacob Chen Mortality 1 1 0 0
Vivian Brisbois Power 1 0 1 0
Lachlan Wild 1 -1 1 1
Damon "The Fool" Night 1 1 0 0
Luke Night 0 2 -1 1
Miss Black Mortality 1 1 1 -1
Smoke Wild 0 1 2 1


Column owes Row the number in the cell. This is for PC by PC, but sufficiently entangled NPCs may be added later.

Jake Vivian Lachlan Damon Luke Miss Black Smoke
Jake N/A 2 2 2
Vivian N/A 1
Lachlan N/A 1
Damon 1 1 N/A 2
Luke N/A 1
Miss Black 1 2 1 N/A
Smoke 1 N/A