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Ilskanda’thor -- The Grey City, the City of Slaves, The Forgotten City, The Last Fortress, The Shattered Kingdom, The City of Battles. All these and more are names for the city that is a world unto itself. Many have wondered at the paradoxes that make up the city: no farmers to feed the many thousands of citizens, yet no shortages of food; no visible external trade, yet few shortages of foreign goods; wells that never run dry despite the absence of any rivers to feed them. These and more are the seeming impossibility of the Grey City. It is ruled over by the Grey King, a being wrapped in as many questions as his city. The city seems to exist solely to support the functioning of the Grand Arena – the Games run continuously, with the Gladiators and their Guilds at the heart of all.

While most of the folk of Ilskanda'thor remember Creation, none can say if it still exists. Some claim that the Wyld has consumed everything, and that the city is all that is left of reality; a lifeboat in a sea of madness. Others believe that the city is a prison run by unknown jailers for unknown ends, and only the most daring can hope to escape.

Shattered Kingdom is an Exalted 2E Play by Post game featuring a band of Dragon-Blooded who awaken to find themselves slaves with no memory of who they may once have been. They are clothed only in rags, and armed only with their wits and the powers gifted to them by their birthright. What new legends will this band forge as they seek to unravel the mysteries of the Grey City and, perhaps, find glory in the Grand Arena?

General Info[edit]

Tales of the Shattered Kingdom[edit]

Cast of Characters (PCs)[edit]

  • Sheet Template - Character Sheet Template for PCs
  • Stone - Earth-aspected heavy hitter
  • Silent Breeze - Air-aspected throw ninja dreamer
  • Rinash - Fire-aspected narcissist
  • Zerah - Water-Aspected Acrobatic Martial-Artist
  • Shien - Fire-Aspected Warlord (DROPPED)
  • Keiku - Water-Aspected thief
  • Zaleth - Water-Aspected thief-taker

Supporting Characters (NPCs)[edit]