Sheeba Harnel

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Sheeba Harnel

CE Elf (Valenar)

Beguiler 8/Assassin 5

Though she appears to be a hauntingly beautiful Elf (even by their standards), she was not always as such. Her original appearance was grotesquely distorted by a life of pain and brutal torment, and she is as she appears only thanks to the Lords of Dust. She finds the treatment of her Rakshasa masters to be preferable to the life she lived under humanoids, even if the Fiends see her as little more than a tool in their plans. She bears an unbelievable hate for said humanoids, mainly centered around Humans, Half-Elves, and Shifters, and will go to any lengths to see their civilization rot and collapse at the hands of her Masters.

Around the time of the Mourning, she was captured by the Black Lotus Society and held in the same place as Thelia. Alone, scared, and under continual mental and physical assault from all sides, they grew close quickly until fate intervened. Their tormentors set Thelia against her, and she was only able to forgive her thanks to the extreme situation and the way the trick had been designed to crush both their spirits.

It was when they attempted to escape that her mind broke. Thelia barely got away, but Sheeba was recaptured and had to watch her friend disappear despite her pleas. The pure hell she endured for the next two years drove her completely insane. She was eventually bought by a Lord of Dust posing as a nobleman. She was given her dignity back in exchange for her loyalty, which she freely gave.

She is now an assassin of horrifying efficiency who delights in causing pain and death. Her preferred weapons are a vast array of poisons she keeps with her at all times, spells centered around clouding the mind and confusing the senses, and a vast array of scrolls given to her by her Fiendish lords. The poisons vary from deadly to disabling, and can be either quick or slow, depending on her preference and time constraints. The method of delivery is as varied as her collection, but she loves to watch if at all possible. She loves to screw with her prey's mind and give herself ample opportunity to penetrate her opponent's defenses and deliver the fatal attack.

On top of her already fearsome skills, the Rakshasa altered her blood so that it acted as a powerful poison itself, which she uses as a last ditch effort. It is an especially gruesome fate, as this poison eats at the victim's flesh from the inside out, causing internal organs and blood vessels to rupture. It is because of this that she is seemingly immune to any and all poisons or disease. It may also be the source of her masochism, pain bringing a look of delight to her face rather than anguish.

Maxwell King was a legitimate target for her masters, as well as herself in an act of vengeance, but her true target is Thelia. She has no knowledge of why her masters want the last of the Fox Shifters dead, but she really doesn't care. Since security forces can't seem to kill her, she will.

Shadows over Cyre