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Mother:Yavanna, Arden Dryad Queen

Children: None


Hobbies:Vegan cooking and baking


  • Dryad Princess
  • Lady of Amber
  • Crown Princess of Rebma

Skills {6}[edit]

  • 2 Flute and wind instruments.
  • 2 Pips Botany-Beyond Fey plant lore.
  • 1 Pip Medicine-Ranger Training from Emma Hall
  • 1 Pip Pharmacy-Fey oriented understanding of natural healing with herbs
  • 1 Pip Physiotherapy






Haldir of Nargothrond. Eldest son of Orodreth, Great,grandson of Finarfin and Eärwen, great,nephew of Finrod, Aegnor, and Galadriel. Great, Great, grandson of Finwe. Brother of Finduilas and Gil-galad.(A departure from LotR canon-Canon has Orodreth having only two children. Haldir comes from an earlier version/shadow then what became canon)

Haldir was the eldest son of Orodreth and he was trapped and hung to a tree by the orcs after the sack of Nargothrond. Rescued by Marke, son of Fiona. Brought to Amber on the point of death and healed at Thelusia by Aries Colbresi in 4809.

Joined the Amber military and fought in various wars in Amber's service. Became and Elite in 5107. Fought in the Black Road War. Served as Marke's Elite .



  • Duke of Rebmaras
  • Past suitor of Llewella


Hibbit of Anacinburg[[1]]


A completely unprincipled reprobate unsuitable for polite company. Sent by Duke Fortunadus to keep an eye on the recently revealed Princess of Rebma, he took it upon himself to instead attach himself aggressively to her entourage.

Sigrid Shaw[edit]


Goodwoman Sigrid Shaw Ji Beaumont is a lady's Maid from the House of Beaumont, a noble house of Diaga. The Shaw family is part of the Beaumont House and has been supplying maids, butlers, valets, and various staff for over a thousand years. Sigrid was 5th daughter in her generation and no suitable posting existed. According to tradition a woman of her status unable to find a posting might be relegated to a lesser house, sent into religious service, or released from house duties.

In her case she was sent to Fantalin to take cooking courses till her family could decide on a suitable service or if they had to release her. Her great grandfather, the current Signor Shaw, was reluctant to release her as it would be seen as a black mark on both the Shaw family and the Beaumont family.

Luckily for everyone Dean Aries Colbriese took it upon himself to assign her to Lady Silvana. This posting is much greater then any the family could have hoped for. When word of the posting arrived not only was the Shaw family overjoyed but the Beaumont family has made it known in thier circles that a maid of their house had been selected by no less then Aries Colbriese for the daughter of Prince Martin.

Items {0}[edit]

Oaken Flute[edit]


Acquired during childhood.  Possibly a gift from Yavana and the dryads.

Curved Knife[edit]


A gift from her ranger friend. An excellent knife.

Margot's Teaching Platter and mug[edit]

Silvana plate.jpg

Plate produces Portobello Mushroom Steaks with Peppercorn Sauce [[2]]

Mug produces Margot's sparkling honey wine-4 per day