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a light-skinned man, - from the Empire of Roads, far in the West
massive of body, - a giant among giants
with commanding eyes - the eyes of a man who claimed leadership
in a strong face, - the face of a laborer turned soldier
wearing distinctive clothing - accoutred in the war-harness of his people, with concessions to local custom


Cool +1 - I've survived a hundred battles
Hard +2 - The crushing squeeze of the angry bear
Hot +1 - A strategist more cunning than I look
Sharp +1 - I am surrounded by wolves
Weird -2 - My soul is my own


XP: x o o o o



Armor: 3

  • dagger (2-harm)
  • sword (3-harm)
  • war harness, helmet, boots (2 armor)
  • war shield (+1armor, off hand)
  • draped coverings for the sun


Keep to give away: 3


When you give gifts, these might be worth 1 keep:

  • a month’s hospitality, including a place to live and meals in common with others
  • a night in high luxury and company
  • a bodyguard’s protection
  • a servant’s service
  • a weapon or other equipment
  • a half-hour’s worth of your undivided attention, in private audience
  • rich or beautiful clothing
  • or, of course, the requisite coins.


When you have to order your war-band to advance, regroup, hold position, hold discipline, or put their damned backs into it, roll+hard.
On a hit, they do it. On a 10+, they snap to: take +1forward. On a miss, they do it, but you’ll hear about it from them later.

When your stronghold is secure and your rule unchallenged, at the beginning of the session, roll+hard.
On a 10+, you have plenty at hand and available for the needs of the session.
On a 7-9, you have plenty, but choose 1 want.
On a miss, or if your stronghold is compromised or your rule contested, your hold is in want.

The precise values of your plenty and want depend upon the details of your stronghold.

Strongholder Special
If you and another character have sex, you can give the other character gifts worth 1 keep, at no cost to you.

Stronghold & War-band[edit]

  • plenty: 4
  • wants: hunger, strangers, idleness, reprisals, disease, savagery
  • war-band: 20 warriors, 8 war-camels, 3 harm, 2 armor, drilled against archers

  • families: 50–75 souls, who survive by farming and hunting - goatherding, dates, lemons, almonds, and some olives (plenty: 1 keep, want: hunger)
  • protections: simple ditches, fences, and low fieldstone walls (walls: 2x)
  • war-band: around 20 warriors, with an armory of mixed and makeshift weapons and simple armor (2 harm, 1 armor, choose 1 drill)
  • stables: camels for 8 warriors, plus pack animals (fast=0, strong+2, hungry=0, size 5, stubborn)

  • My stronghold defends a busy market crossroad (plenty: +1 keep, want: strangers) - the Source draws many to it
  • My subjects include skilled tradespeople (plenty: +1 keep, want: idleness) - where else would they congregate in these ravaged lands?
  • My subjects are uncivilized and rude in their habits (want: disease) - they are refugees, and stability has been long in coming
  • My war-band engages in lucrative raiding (plenty: +1 keep, want: reprisals) - I must keep them appeased
  • My war-band’s armory is well-stocked and maintained (+1 harm, +1 armor) - the Empire supplied us well
  • My war-band is a pack of bloody hyenas (want: savagery) - they do not yet see the value of settling, of calling one place home



  • assure my subjects that they shall prosper under me
  • build infrastructure to raise the standard of living
  • prepare by building my library of maps and histories
  • protect the Source from harm