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Ludus Personae
Player Hero Identity Concept Hero
Funkadelic Starstuff Edward Moore (Stretchy Fluid Particle Man) 1
Superzero Lady Luck Gloria Ross (Probability Manipulator) 1
Stormraven Helmar Fjallinsdottir (Telekinetic) 1
t@nya Doctor Gigabyte Corinna "Rina" Justice O’Brien (Technopathic Gadgeteer) 1
The Watcher Anomaly Dr. Daniel Stone (Immortal Dimensional Manipulator) 1

A little over a year ago, one of the scientific community's worst fears came to fruition: astronomers detected a proverbial "dinosaur killer" asteroid on an almost-certain collision course with the Earth. A decade ago, it would have simply meant the end of civilization … but at this moment in time, humanity had one longshot chance: a team of scientists desperately raced to complete a "warp drive" system (barely even prototyped at the time) which could be used to complete a 'hail Mary' mission — piloting a spacecraft to intecept the asteroid's course, they could jettison the drive unit in its path; the energy released by its collapsing warp field would be sufficient to safely divert the asteroid's trajectory while the remaining vessel could now serve as a 'lifeboat' using conventional thrusters to return to Earth orbit.

However, the crew realized on the return journey that warping spacetime has highly unpredictable potential lingering effects; as a crudely simplistic metaphor, when you break the lightspeed barrier, you get slivers of broken physics — in their case, actually manifesting as strange, superhuman abilities! They determined to use these new abilities to continue working for the benefit of the Earth, even as the Earth itself must adapt to the changes brought by its esoteric reprieve — either directly, in the form of other individuals altered by more such 'slivers' (scattered onto the earth by asteroid fragments during its otherwise harmless pass-by), and indirectly from those riding the technology boom initially spurred on by the race to complete the drive system (and later attempts to reverse-engineer its design).

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