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Samorn "Smoke" Songprawati[edit]

The Tainted (Wild)

  • female, Black Asian, expensive clothing
  • corporate demeanor


Blood 1, Heart 2, Mind -1, Spirit 0

Mortality 0, Night -1, Power 2, Wild 1

Corruption 2


House/apartment, car, iPhone 6s

  • Smoke's car is a private car service summoned on her phone, which always delivers a sleek black sedan within a minute of her request. The driver is never seen behind its tinted windows.
  • Smoke's apartment is a modern condo in the section of town where late-twenties and early-thirties bankers and lawyers upgrade to the dwelling they'll stay in until it's time to move to the suburbs and raise a family. Her rooms are a mix of modern and authentic Thai in their decoration.


  • Thai ceremonial sword (3-harm hand messy)


  • The Devil Inside: When you assume your demon form, roll with Blood. On a 10+, choose 2. On a 7-9, choose 1. On a miss, choose 1 and you owe your patron a Debt. If you’re working a job for your patron, choose 1 more. If you mark corruption, choose 1 more. [Gain armor+1, Heal 2-harm, Inflict +1 harm, +demonic weapon (3-harm hand or 2-harm close), +demonic movement (flight, flaming motorcycle, etc.)]
  • Don't Look at Me: When you mislead someone, roll with Heart instead of Mind.
  • Invocation: You may Cash in a Debt with someone to appear in their presence. Others may Cash in a Debt with you to have you appear as well.

Demon Form and Demonic Jobs[edit]

  • Flaming shadows: fiery hands, chitinous skin, eyes of smoke
  • I broker demonic contracts and track down rogue demons


  • Gordon Fifteen was always suffering trying to save me. I owed him two Debts. Now Tetch holds them.
  • Grinning Malor is my demon patron. I owe him three debts.
  • Jacob Chen knows my sister. He doesn't know it, but I kept some dark things off of him back in his hey-day, and I collected two Debts he owed to others as payment. Been saving them up for when a client might need them. (Smoke spent one when fleeing Evgeny with Invocation -- now she only holds one Debt on Jake.)
  • Smoke's sister fell in with a vampire coterie just under two years ago. Smoke doesn't usually have much to do with the Night, but she had to ask for some favors back then. Most of that Debt's been paid, but some of it made it's way into Luke's hands. Smoke owes Luke 1 Debt.
  • Smoke now owns Debt owed by Darkest Samuel. Smoke doesn't know what Skinny Phrete had on the mage turned soul-collector, but the chit is hers now along with the admonition that she'd want to use it before everything goes sideways.

Rumor: The parlors of Toronto are abuzz about conflict in the mage-o-sphere, but few realize there's a demonic element involved. It's unclear if it's a power-play, debt, or rogue agent, but there's sulphur involved.

Questions and Answers[edit]

Who are you?
I'm Smoke, your fixer this compromised morning.
How long have you been in the city?
I'm in and out. I was away for a bit there, but I'm back now. Just in time, looks like.
Who would you die for?
My sister, Pensri. She's the reason I got into all this.
What is your daily release?
I ride around the city, watching it, scheming my way out. To classical music.
What do you desperately need?
There's an obsidian amulet, engraved in Sanskrit, that will give me hold over my patron. Last I heard, a mage possessed it. You've seen it, haven't you?
Has your demonic boss told you what side of the wizard war he's on yet? Or if he even cares?
Here's the thing. Our main player-base is Power. We're the ones they come to when they want more of it, and we chase down the problems they unleash, at a nice profit. I've been out of town, so I don't know specifically what happened, but my Boss fucked something up. Something's gone twisted, and I'm not exactly sure what it is. The fact that something that could weaken him is in the hands of Power is an interesting opportunity for me, but it means something ain't right in Grinning Malor town. I'm not all the way clued in yet, but the definite sense I get is that the Boss'd be happy if I jacked up nearly any mage I got my hands on, right now. I really need to check in and find out what's going on, because I'm not sure if I've got a target on my back, but the Boss ain't answering calls right now. I'm not exactly worried about that, just annoyed and more vulnerable than I'd like to be. Of course, Tetch would pick this time to send me into something as muscle. Bastard. He knows exactly what he's doing.
Also on a scale of "If it benefited me and the opportunity presented itself" to "I have several detailed plans, here let me show you" how much do you want to kill Tetch? Why?
It's hard to call Gordon Fifteen a friend, but he looked out for me, in his own way. I'm pissed Tetch took him out, but it's not like I haven't seen it before. Tetch is an utter bastard, and I'd love to see him squirm and hard, but his one redeeming factor is that he's a pretty straight shooter. It's all bastard with him. He wants to turn the Earth into a Hellhole, and he plays by the rules in doing it. There's far worse things in Hell to deal with. Much more confusing things. Much more seductive things. So, yeah, if the opportunity presented itself I'd have to think long and hard about not taking the motherfucker out. I'd take immense pleasure in it, but I probably wouldn't want to deal with whatever replaced him. At least I can deal with Tetch. Bastard.
Oh and has anyone briefed you on Evgeny / what you're doing here?
Yeah, right. I got the name, but nothing else. I don't even know who I'm supposed to be helping, just that I'm helping out a new friend of Tetch's. I don't get the sense that he wants me to fail, exactly; on the contrary, I think he actually wants this to go well, like maybe he's got his fingers into a new recruit. But he's definitely enjoying using his leverage over me to test me. No, I had to go out and find things out the hard way. The specific contract Tetch has on me doesn't include making things easy on me, and Tetch always plays by the book. Like I said, asshole. Welcome to the country club.


  • Smoke's entrance: A black sedan with tinted windows pulls up to the appointed meeting place and a woman of mixed African and Thai descent steps out from the back seat. She appears to be around thirty years old, give or take, and is dressed in the sort of grey pantsuit a banking executive might wear, if a banking executive wore military combat boots. A ceremonial sword hangs from her back. A bluetooth mini-earbud and jawbone microphone is positioned in her left ear (military grade). She lifts her sunglasses off of her eyes and perches them on top of her head as she scans the location. The sedan lingers, idling, until she's satisfied enough to close the door and step away.
  • Evgeny Move - Smoke's Worst Betrayal: As she does so, she remembers another moment before all hell broke loose. In her roll as a broker of demonic contracts, she's become somewhat inured to the flash of painful betrayal in someone's eyes as they realize the deal they thought they'd signed up for was much, much worse for them than they imagined. That look in her ex-boyfriend's eyes was one of her first, though, and she hadn't yet developed the ability to turn such hard emotions to smoke. That memory sometimes resurfaced, and it still carried a sting. It had been necessary, though, to save her sister Pensri. As she remembers that moment, her emotional coping mechanism activates. She gets a little more difficult to pin down, internally and externally, and it takes some force of will to not change into her demonic form of smoke and fire.

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