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Welcome gentle reader, come and see the repository of information as 9 Exalts try and solve the ills of Creation.


Character Template


Dawn Caste[edit]

Lance, played by Silent Wayfarer the Awesome

Mio Peleps, Played by Shawn Hagen

Twilight Caste[edit]

Light-Weaver, played by Rainbow Trenchcoat

Night Caste[edit]

Okita Fallen Star, played by Fatal Harmony


Annealed Carapace Chirurgeon, played by OldKentuckyShark

Thousand Cunning Magpies, played by CrazyIvan


A Thousand Useless Regrets

Architect bound in Blood and Bone Played by Faustus 21

Notable NPCs[edit]

House Rules[edit]

Acceptable Exalts[edit]

Solars, Lunars, Abyssals, and Alchemicals.

CharGen Rules[edit]

  • Use the Errata'd CharGen rules.
  • Start at Essence 3 (Max of 4 in CharGen).
  • Everyone can have 3 points extra in Attributes and 7 points extra in Abilities over and above CharGen standards.
  • You can also have 100 bonus XP to cover previous adventures.
  • No Unique Artifacts. If its 5 points and has more than a paragraph of its history or benefits, I'm likely going to give it a thumbs down.

Personal Game Rules[edit]

  • 1. “Rule of Cool” supersedes anything written in a book. If a game plot is 'Impossible!', An Essence Channeler Did It.
  • 2. The Damage Track only goes to Incapacitated and No Further. Exalted is a game where you might catch a 40 die unexpected attack when you don't have your personal surprise negation charm up and active. That's not fun. So, if an Attack would kill a PC or Named Exalt NPC, they're simply Incapacitated. You might still want to have a Paranoid Combo or two, but you don't have to worry about a character dying without express Player/GM communication prior.
  • 3. Free Ox-Bodies per point of Resistance. While Rule 2 means that Death is rare, a tough Exalt still has far more of a damage track than a bookish Twilight.
  • 4. Celestial Exalts get all the Elemental Crafting skills as a single skill. Mortals have to suffer and toil learning an art for 20+ years to get Craft (Fire) 3, whereas a Solar baked out of his mind, suffering a head wound, and wrestling a Tyrant Lizard should be able to extrude a sword of infinite beauty using their bare hands...
  • 5. Excellencies are purchased at Caste level, covering the respective Attributes/Abilties for the respective Caste. E.G. "First Dawn Excellency" would grant the first Excellency to Archery, Melee, Martial Arts, War and Thrown.
  • 6. Merits and Flaws are allowed.
  • 7. Everyone receives 2 free combos at CharGen. Otherwise standard book cost applies. You can add new charms to Combos for the price of 1 XP per 2 "Charm Slots" which you can split up and apply to whatever Combo you choose.
  • 8. Fuck Heart's Blood.
  • 9. All official Errata is open and available.
  • 10. XP costs for any Exalt is the same as Solars, unless your specific Exalt type has a discount. Use whatever is cheaper.
  • 11. 2 free spells with every Sorcery Circle Initiation