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Dearest Lady Drake,

I must apologize for my lack of thorough correspondence these past few months. I know that I posted a short note to you concerning your son's and my temporary move to Yorkshire to my father's estate and I fully intended to write you once we were settled. But as you know, time tends to get away with one, I was caring for my father due to his injuries, and I found myself nightly berating myself for not having written you.

But now, we are quite settled in and I must ask if you would be willing to move to Yorkshire to live with us until and after the children are born. The children are growing well and I am finding it difficult to move about as much as I would like. That and I miss you terribly. A mother's touch during this time would be wonderful and I am certain that Ezekiel would be delighted to have his mother so near. I have requested that a suite of rooms be redecorated for you; my father has stated that he would be honored to have you come and stay with us at his estate and any needs or requirements that you have will be met.

Please do say yes! I cannot wait to see you Lady Miriam so I pray that your reply is a positive one. You may not be my mother in flesh, but you are my mother in my heart and I so want you here with me and to see your son hold his children and you to hold your grandchildren.

Also, please do give my best to your two other sons. I so look forward to telling them about Ezekiel's recent accomplishments in the Parliament and his foreign adventures. They will be so proud.

Yours in love and affection,
Lady Katherine Fleming-Drake

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