SotDL: Forestalling Midnight

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Player Characters[edit]

  • Durvan, Perception 13, Defense 16, Health 22/47, Blood Pool 4/7, Composure 10, Speed 12
  • Cairistìne, Perception 15 (+boon), Defense 14, Health 15/20, Will 10/11, Composure 11, Speed 10
  • Brutus, Perception 16, Defense 16, Health 24/24, Composure 7, Speed 8, Fortune 0
  • Sugul, Perception 9, Defense 17 (15 no shield), Health 44/44, Composure 8, Speed 10, Divine Ecstasy 2/2

Timeline Midnight Clocks

The Empire of Shadow[edit]


Bastion District[edit]

Important NPCs[edit]

  • Sharif Dahhak and Aoife, vampire Executioners in service to Prince Sammael, yet working for a group of legates
  • Vele Kavur, Aoife's legate handler, possibly the senior-most of the cabal of legates

Rumors and Leads[edit]

Allies & Enemies[edit]

The Old Gods[edit]

  • Father Death (endings, mortality, fear)
  • The Horned King (the Beast Lord, so not just the wild, but the bloody versions of it)
  • The Maiden in the Moon (mysteries, magic, and hidden paths)
  • Old Man Winter (snow and ice; takes over seasonally from the Queen of Summer)
  • Revel (2 faces: joy, hilarity, drunkenness, ribaldry + anger, madness, unrestrained lust)
  • The Queen of Summer (love, romance, passion, creativity, joy)
  • The Seer (secrets, prophecy, wisdom)
  • The World Mother (the source of all life, most important of the pantheon)

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