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An ogress who has become the Oracle of The Seer, an Old God of justice, law, and prophecy. Bred to be a shock troop of Izrador's in his conquest of the continent, she now embodies a god of his strongest foes. She is on her own journey away from working for the forces of Izrador, to instead work against them.
Sugul is a typical ogress, 9 feet tall and 700 pounds. She resembles most other ogres, but nasty scars stand out all over her body.

Ogre/Powerful Ancestry/Oracle L6[edit]

Strength 14
Agility 9
Intellect 9
Will 12

Perception: 9 | Defense: 15 | Health: 44 | Healing Rate: 11
Size: 2 | Speed: 10 | Power 2

  • Ogre movement my be restricted by space (SotDL p38) | Size 1/2 and smaller creatures can freely move through your space (SotDL, page 38)

Insanity: 4 | Corruption: 3

Languages: Goblin; Iron Tongue; Erenlander
Professions: Religious | Folklore; Military | Labourer; Wilderness | Tracker; Military/Religious | Leader


  • Ogre
    • Devour: The ogre eats one defenseless target or dead creature that is Size 1 or smaller and within its reach. A living creature dies instantly on being eaten.
    • Powerful Ancestry: When your group attains level 1, you do not choose a novice path. Instead, whenever the Advancement table in SotDL indicates you would gain benefits from a novice path, you gain the benefits from your ancestry for that level.
    • Catch Your Breath (L1): You can use an action, or a triggered action on your turn, to heal damage equal to your healing rate. Once you use this talent, you cannot use it again until you complete a rest.
    • Weapon Training (L2): You make attack rolls with 1 boon when you attack with a weapon.
    • Magic (L4): You discover a tradition or learn one spell from that tradition.
    • Magic (L5): You increase your Power by 1 and either discover a tradition or learn a spell from a tradition you have already discovered.
    • Titan’s Strike (L5): When the total of your attack roll is 20 or higher and exceeds the target number by at least 5, the target takes 1d6 extra damage and must get a success on a Strength challenge roll or fall prone.
  • Oracle of the Seer
    • Speaker of Dooms: You do not gain Corruption from discovering the Curse tradition, nor are you at risk of gaining Corruption from learning Curse spells.
    • Divine Ecstasy (L3): You can use an action to enter a state of divine ecstasy that lasts for 1 minute. You gain the following benefits for the duration. When this effect ends, you must get a success on a Will challenge roll or gain 1 Insanity. You can use this talent a number of times equal to your Power. You replenish your uses when you complete a rest:
      • You gain a +10 bonus to Health.
      • You cannot become charmed, compelled, or frightened.
      • You cannot gain Insanity.
      • You make Intellect, Will, and Perception attack rolls and challenge rolls with 1 boon.
    • Commune with the Gods (L6): When you use Divine Ecstasy, you can choose to go into a trance. If you concentrate until the effect ends, you can ask the supernatural presence up to three questions that can be answered with a yes, no, or maybe. You then make a Will challenge roll with 1 bane. On a success, the GM must answer you truthfully. On a failure, you gain 1 Insanity.

Spell Traditions: Curse; Divination
Attuned Implement: Wooden fetish from the Seer´s original carving

  • Curse:
    • L0 Pox (3/3 castings) (One living creature within short range) - Make a Will attack roll against the target’s Strength. On a success, the target’s body erupts in green, weeping blisters. The target takes 1d3 damage from disease and becomes frightened for 1 round. Attack Roll 20+ The target becomes frightened for 1 minute.
  • Divination:
    • L0 Eavesdrop (3/3 castings) (concentration or 1 min) - any point in sight (long range), can hear from there
    • L1 Psychometry (2/2 castings) (1 object within reach) You touch the target and learn 1d6 facts about it, such as the identity of its previous owner; whether or not the object is cursed, possessed, or magical; how a previous owner gained or lost the object; and where it was made.
    • L2 Truth Ear (1/1 casting) (1 hr) - For the duration, you understand all spoken languages you hear and you recognize the truth when you hear it.

Interesting Things:

  • Special Ingredients (L1 Ogre)... eleven secret herbs and spices passed down by the ogresses. What are these used for?
  • Tools and Devices (L3 Oracle)... a box of one hundred nails that can be hammered into any material with the ease of pushing the nail into a stick of butter. It could be said that every nail is like this with you pushing it into wood with your thumb, but these nails work that way for the frail creatures as well.. humans, hobgoblins, etc.


Lifestyle: Getting By (has been Wealthy)
Equipment (Str 13 allows 13 items)

1. Mail 15
2. Large shield (size 2) 1d6, Defensive +2
3. Flanged and spiked mace (size 2) 2d6 + 2 One
4. Spear (size 2) 2d6 One, thrown, range (short), silvered
5. Maul 4d6 Two, Cumbersome
6. Sling 1d6 Off Range (medium), 5 stones
7. Wood-axe, size 2
8. Furs, winter
9. Consolidated pouch with a few sets of dice, shiny stones, a few animals carved from wood, an odd coin here and there, some tied-off clumps of hair, and a monocle
10. Pouch containing 3 ss and 1 cp
11. Equipment and trade goods: 2ss 5cp 10 bits
12. 5 sling stones 12. Backpack, size 2

In pack:
a. Bedroll
b. Shovel (size 2) 2d6
c. Eating knife
d. Tinderbox
e. 3 torches
f. Rope, thick, coil 20 yards
g. Grapnel
h. Rations, Week
i. Waterskin
j. Pipe
k. Pipe tobacco 6cp worth
l. Sack, size 2
m. Uniform of the Order of Shadow kurasatch udareen guard
n. Clothing, basic – in pack when wearing armour
o. Manacles size 2
p. Healing potion
q. Fancy nails
r. Magical wooden rod - You can use an action to place the rod against a flat surface and cause it to transform into a ladder that extends up to 20 yards from the rod. If you pick up the rod, the rest of the ladder disappears.
s. Stone baby (Implement?
t. Eleven secret herbs and spices
u. 10 sling stones v. Rebel heads in a sack for burning

15 sling stones


Generated background:

  • You grew up hearing tales of the Shadow's conquests in the south. You won glory and honor by slaughtering the humans living there.
  • Bad thing done in the past: We can leave that open. It would have been something in her past... maybe she (or members of her family group) got designated to march south with the Iron Legion, and she tricked others into responding to that call-up? Word came back a few months later that that platoon all drowned in a sailing accident, which is one of the worst fears of hobgoblins (hey hate the water). Refusing military service, tricking others into going for you, and them drowning without ever seeing the glory of combat are all pretty bad-apple from a goblinoid perspective. But we can leave it open if that doesn't compel.
  • Life Event (L1 Ogre): Major Setback - You did something profoundly wrong that has stained your soul. Gain 3 Corruption. Roll a d6 - '1'. On an odd number, other people know what you did. Oddly, this could have been a boon within the forces of the Shadow. Unless it was something that goes against everything an ogre should stand for.
  • The Seer has whispered that hobgoblins and ogres are descended from the Jotun rather than having been made by Izradur.
  • Life Event (L3 Oracle): Strange Event - You stopped a harvester from stealing another person’s organs. The harvester ran off, but is sure to give you trouble. The person you saved is friendly to you and will try to help you, and they supplied you with sufficient trade goods that you were able to have a wealthy lifestyle for a season. Wealthy lifestyle items added to the equipment above. I think we'll detail the people in play.

Generated personality:

  • Desire: Wealth
  • Fear: Judgment
  • Secret: Carrying the Seer.
  • You have nothing to prove. You know your worth and won’t be baited into a fight you could avoid.

Weapons + Damage[edit]

  • Mace (one), +4 +boon to hit, 2d6+2
  • Maul (cumbersome, two), +4 +boon -bane to hit, 4d6
  • Spear (one, thrown short range, silvered), +4 +boon to hit, 2d6
  • Sling (off, medium range), 5 stones, -1 +boon to hit, 1d6
  • Shield (off), +4 +boon to hit, 1d6
  • Titan’s Strike: If total of attack roll is 20+ and 5 over target number, +1d6 damage & target tries Strength challenge roll or falls prone.


To Do[edit]

  • Weapon stats (attacks)
  • Choose implement
  • Tidy up sheet after latest round of questions
  • Update backstory & notes


  • Ogre:
    • Standing 8 to 10 feet tall and weighing 400 to 800 pounds, ogres tower over most people. Compared to humans, even the scrawniest ogres benefit from big frames covered with slabs of muscle.
    • Strength and Courage: A culture focused on battle creates people who pride themselves on being strong and brave. To join the ranks of the warriors, one must pass the tests of blood and iron — a brutal series of contests involving brawls, hurling weapons, fighting beasts, and more that unfolds over several days. The weak succumb, their bodies tossed into foul pits. The survivors become champions, battle-ready and proven.
    • Ogres enjoy crude humor, eating, and boasting. Superstitious, ogres see omens everywhere. Cowardice is the greatest crime an ogre could commit.
  • Size 2: As an ogre, you are a Size 2 character, which makes you quite a bit larger than most other player characters. Size 2 characters have several benefits and drawbacks, summarized here.
    • Your reach is 2 yards (SotDL 37)
    • Your movement might be restricted by space (SotDL 38)
    • Size 1/2 and smaller creatures can freely move through your space (SotDL 38).
    • Armor and weapons cost double the listed price (SotDL 100 and 102)
    • Your attacks with weapons that normally deal 1d6 damage or more deal 1d6 extra damage. Your attacks with weapons that normally deal less than 1d6 damage instead deal 1d6 damage (SotDL 102).


Sugul and her family group have come down to Northern Erenland as guardians of the kurasatch udareen, within the larger migration of goblinoids into the conquered lands. You'd technically be guards within the the Order of Shadow, but things in the Northern Marches where humans have never gone is less regimented. The hobgoblin mother-wives of Izrador are keen on talking about the hobgoblins and ogres as the special children of Izrador, born into greatness, but as they've squabbled amongst each other as part of the tension of these southern lands, you've started to hear some things from them that challenged the assumptions most of the people around you have held about the origins of the ogres and hobgoblins.

You ventured into that fateful mission with big questions in your head about the place of the ogres in Izrador's plan, and your own sense of agency and place in the world. You were asking for answers. You didn't expect to find them while razing that enclave of rebels, but the shattering of that idol gave you answers. The Old God of justice, law, and prophecy revealed things to you about the origin of your people, which connected to the things you'd been hearing that hadn't been making sense. The Seer showed you that you and your people had been fated to be nothing more than manufactured tools for the Shadow's conquest. But now, with that knowledge, and with The Seer's consciousness inside of you, you could change that.

Sugul and her family group were charged by their Legate to assist an Iron Legion platoon with the eradication of a village of worshippers of the Old Gods. In the process of doing so, Sugul destroyed a cult idol and immediately fell unconscious. When she awoke, she discovered that she had within her a fragment of the consciousness of The Seer, one of the Old Gods.

At first not understanding what had occurred to her, Sugul knew enough to say nothing of what had happened, but the fragment of consciousness slowly affected her perspective and behavior. She grew to understand The Seer as the old god of oracles, wisdoms, prognosticators, and prophets. A god of justice, law, and order, who stood apart from the other Old Gods. A faceless man, with a one-eyed owl as a servant, in her dreams The Seer told Sugul that her people were not brought into existence by the blood magic of Izrador -- as all ogres believed and the Order of Shadow extolled -- but were instead fashioned and shaped from an enslaved jotun, one of the first enemies of Izrador's mission. Stripped of the fierce independence of the giants, the ogres were formed to be witting servants of the Shadow. Their steadfast allegiance for the last four hundred years to his great cause has all been founded on a lie.

As the voice of The Seer grew stronger within her, Sugul had a harder and harder time reconciling herself with the tasks her Legate assigned to her and her family. She became resistent. Non-compliant. The Legate wrestled with her insubordination, as the ogres assigned to him were one of his great strengths in the area. In a last-ditch effort to bring her to heel, the Legate slew her mate in front of her and her family with the Shadow's magics, making it clear to her that such would be the fate of Sugul and her entire family if she did not fall into line.

When the Legate's assassin came for her a week later, the vampire did not try to end her life, but instead recruited her to another cause. Sugul was unsurprised, for The Seer had shown her this outcome before it transpired.

It wasn't possible to fool the kurasatch udareen for long; they are diviners, themselves, with an ability to pierce the veils of perceived reality. You and your family were off with three of the mothers and other troops of theirs when they sprung their trap on you. It turned into a brutal melee. It got even more confusing when a group of rebel raiders descended on the encampment while you and your family were fighting for your lives. Two of the mothers and many of their troops died, mostly at the hands of the ogres. Many members of your family also died at their hand, and you personally were wounded. You got separated from your family, and ended up surrounded by rebels. The two of you, together, hacked through the hobgoblins who had cornered you.

The rebels were intending to kill you, but the avatar of The Seer spoke through you and explained that the visions they'd been given, directing them to this campsite, were for them to find you. They'd seen firsthand you killing one of the kurasatch udareen and her hobgoblin warriors. An uneasy truce formed. They patched you up. You've been living for a number of months with this small band of 20-30 rebels, and word of a new prophet has been spreading amongst the rebellion. You're enough of an anomaly that when people get over their shock and prejudices, they see what it might mean for the rebellion for a new leader of it to be one of the ogres of Izrador's army.

You're certain that members of your family are still alive. One of the kurasatch udareen escaped their ambush, so you're also certain that their forces will be looking for you. You're in the middle of a tightening web, trying to navigate new allies despite a lot of mistrust on both sides, while growing the rebellion, searching for your family, and avoiding capture. Sugul's rebel band is feeling the kurasatch udareen closing in within the last 10 days, and there's an urgent feeling that they need to find new assets to fight the fight.


Brutus has heard of a new prophet and leader of local rebels. After himself being targeted by powerful forces, having turned Durvan's allegiances, the ghoul, vampire, and ghost seek out this person they have heard of. Not knowing that she is an ogre, with her own agenda.