Spirit Combat

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Only a discorporate being may initiate spirit combat. It may initiate combat with another discorporate being or with the spirit of a material being. A discorporate being may disengage from spirit combat from material being at any time it wishes. Spirit combat initiative is determined by POW rank. Movement, combat initiative, spell casting during combat, etc. are all determined just like in physical combat, just using POW ranks, rather than DEX ranks. Both types of combat may take place simultaneously.

All attacks are determined using the Resistance Table comparing the POW of the attacker against the characteristic being attacked: POW is the default, but many discorporate creatures will attack other attributes. A successful attack results in the defender losing 1d3 MP. A special attack results in the defender losing 2d3 MP. A critical attack results in the defender losing 3+1d3 MP. A failed attack has no result. A fumbled attack results in either one free automatic success attack by the defender, or in a break off of spirit combat, at the defender's option.

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