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rstites's BRP game set on Griffin Island.

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Player Characters[edit]

- Lysis of Phyle. Captain of the Promarian Palace Guard, companion of Flavius. Played by Naed Yar. Lysis' Companions

- Gabriel. Devotee of Grotesh. Played by Fiyero.

- Ferox, Myrmillo Escaped gladiator/slave. Played by Chalkline.

- Shanakdakhete, Hoplomacha Escaped gladiator/slave. Played by Bulya

- Shamgar the Rider Mercenary from Cana. Played by Ninevehn.

- Illius the Archer Huntress from beyond the citadels. Played by RoadScholar.

Temporarily Retired Player Characters[edit]

- Jahyris of Harrapa. Noble, artist, and master swordsman out to see Griffins. Played by t@nya. Jahyris' Companions Jahyris has traveled back to Surlt to settle down with his beloved Eucleia Stormfollower.

- Karam se Hazor of Megrab. Red Sands Horse Archer. Played by jarulf. Karam's Companions Karam is staying in Ockless to study under Taklong Woodheart.

Temporary Companions[edit]

- Charkak the Thumper Giant met and negotiated with on the path down from the Giant Mountains.

- Ogolorph Windshaper Previous Master Hunter and current primary scout for the group. Owns a pack of 7 dogs: 1 warhound and six high quality hunters.

- Adio Fleetfoot Companion and apprentice to Ogolorph Windshaper. Owns 3 dogs: 1 warhound and two hunters.

- Brodny Catvision Companion and apprentice to Ogolorph Windshaper. Owns 3 dogs: three hunters.

Party Logistics[edit]

- Traveling Order

- Combat Table


- Griffin Island Overview

- Soldier Port

- Surlt

- Nidik

- Ockless

Important Non-Player Characters[edit]

- Joh Mith

- Djimm Mith

- Errap Barbacon

- Bluebird

- Torath Manover

- Xanjeen the Harrappan

- Cunobelinus Elisedd

- Dalamides Aveticus

- Hazphar Pharates

- Flavius Ariston of Promares: dead at the hands of Gondo Holst.

- Nirope

- Lucwo. Native Zaring.

- Jabal Bin-Marid Amnesiac Medjay of the kadaru people(think sudanese/nubian) played by Iskallor--Djinn Trading

- Skally Two Crow guide to the Haunted woods

- Ganarsh A giant

Important Deities on Griffin Island[edit]

Prominent Imported Gods[edit]





Prominent Local Gods[edit]

-Grandmother Sky




- Griffin Cave Findings

- Slarge Mummy's Treasure



The map of Griffin Island:

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Third Out of Character Thread

Second Out of Character Thread

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- Skill Results Table

- Resistance Table

- Skill Category Bonus Calculations

- Armor and Weapons

- Griffin Island Character Creation

- Price Lists

- Follower Provisioning Costs


- Combat Rules Synopsis

- Magic Rules Synopsis

- Spirit Combat

- BRP Skills Advancement Checks

- BRP Skills Training and Research

- BRP Attribute Training

- BRP Power Gain Checks

Important Events[edit]

- Battle Along the Road

Map of the Tower in the River:

Notes of Interest[edit]

- Berries and Weeds

- Future Adventures

Surrounding Lands[edit]

- The Satrapies