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Name: Evashayl Deshergraum (Eva)

Template: Bounty Hunter Gender: Female

Species: Ubese (Yrak Pootzck)

Age: 29

Physical Description: Height 2m; Weight: 110 kg

Stats: Dexterity 4D Perception 3D Perception 3D Knowledge 3D+1 Strength 2D+1 Mechanical 3D+1

Skills: Blasters 1D Missile Weapons 1D Dodge 1D Sneak 1D Survival 1D Technical 3D Armor Repair 1D Missile Weapon Repair 1D

Special: Increased Stamina, Due to the relatively low oxygen content of the atmosphere of their homeworld, yrak pootzck Ubese add +1D to their Stamina when on worlds with Type I atmospheres

Move: 8 Force Points: 1 Dark Side Points: 0 Character Points: 5

Equipment: Ubese Raider Armor: +2D Physical Strength and +1D Energy Attack armor, Sealed Enviro Filter, Flash Guard (1,000 Credits) Infrared Goggles Mounted in Helmet (300 Credits) Helmet Integrated Com-link (100 Credits) Helmet Mounted Chronometer /w atmosphere sensor, thermometer, and Geiger Counter (150 Credits) Gurhaln Arms S7 Mag Rifle (Ubese Manufactured Magna Caster) Missile, Fire Rate: 2, Clip: 10, Range: 5-50/75/100, Damage: 6D/5D/4D (2,000 Credits) GA-S7 Nickel Slug clips x4 (150 Credits Each) Uba Stellar Arsenal B-2 “Block Buster” Heavy Blaster (Renegade Heavy Pistol) Blaster Pistol, Ammo: 25, Range 3-7/25/50, Damage 5D+2 (750 Credits) USA B-2 Power Pack x2 (25 Credits Each) Music box with several Mulline Metal Rock songs on it

Ubese Road Marshall Armor: To most of the galaxy it is mostly indistinguishable from the typical Raider armor, only a little better quality materials, a red visor rather than black, leather shoulder pads, and with some extra pockets to carry more equipment. The armor is also reinforced with Agrinium to provide even more radiation protection in the harsh environment.

Gurhaln Arms S7 Mag Rifle: While the blaster is the common weapon across the galaxy, on Uba IV it is more of a liability with massive amounts of radioactive materials in the atmosphere. The end result is that pretty much all off world blasters have a bad habit of crystals becoming chemically fowled, fried by ion storms, batteries overloading, or gases igniting with little warning. For the most part the natives have had to redevelop projectile weaponry, which is one of the pinnacle of magnetic launched missile weapons. A good long ranged rifle that is constantly accelerated down the barrel with excellent recoil and all moving parts given plenty of room to prevent dust from jamming up. This gives it almost unmatched range, reliability, and penetrating power even compared to modern armor.

Uba Stellar Arsenal B-2: One of the few exports bought by aliens is the Block Buster heavy blaster pistol. It is often just called the Block due to its large, boxy appearance that contains all of the vital blaster parts that are well protected by anti-radiation components to a degree that would be considered ludicrous overkill for any other species. Those who do know about these obscure weaponry are popular with scouts and advanced commandos that often find themselves deep behind enemy lines, in deep wilderness, or on alien worlds. Regardless of where you are, the Block Buster will work, it has enough stopping power to down anything less than a Gundark, and if all else fails, all of that radiation shielding makes it a nice heavy truncheon to pistol whip anybody that gets too close.

Background: Evashayl Deshergraum’ history goes back to the days of the Clone Wars with Lokhan being a commando in a mercenary company that dealt only with the Cloner Warlords in hopes to destabilize the Republic. While they were unable to provide the numbers of a traditional army, these Ubese Commandos filled in a role of being scouts, engineers, and saboteurs that would take too much time to train clones to do. Most of the members of the mercenary company were True Ubese though towards the middle of the war, the commander Colonel Cobar brought in reinforcements in the form of yrak pootzck to use as infiltrators against Republic forces that brought a good deal of grumbling from most of the men. One of them was Yslabane who managed to be attached to the same squad as Lokhan, though over the course of the War, she proved herself as an expert warrior with as little love for the Republic. The respect eventually come to be something more after a year or so serving together with them married as the Clone Wars were coming to a close.

As the company broke up, the new Deshergraum family did their best to find their place in the universe, doing odd jobs as bounty hunters, mercenaries, and corporate trouble shooters as little Eva was born as a citizen of a wider galaxy. The family were starting to find their place out there especially after Lokhan managed to snag a big payday with bagging a Jedi setting themselves up a decent home and some more legitimate business opportunities. Unfortunately all was not well, one of their old company’s enemies managed to find Yslabane on one of her consultations. After several weeks of running gun battle with remnant soldiers, they fought off the goons after them but at the cost of Yslabane’s life.

After this world shaking event, Lokhan couldn’t stand staying out in the universe any more not to mention taking a long look at Evashayl as too yrak pootzck to survive the greater galaxy. For him, there was only one option, he took his daughter back to Uba IV to raise her as a true Ubese to better survive in this harsh world. After reaching their radioactive home world, much to his daughter’s dismay for obvious reasons. Lokhan set himself up as a Road Warden the closest thing to a planetary defense force Uba IV has, defending those wandering the wasteland between the bunker-cities from those that would prey on the caravans or ensure that they follow the broad rules that keep the city-states from tearing themselves apart.

For the rest of Evashayl’s childhood was either working as her father’s prime deputy, moving from bunker to bunker to lay down the law did not earn her many friends. The fact that for most other kids her age view her as an yrak pootzck poser telling them what to do did not do much to endear her to most teenagers save for those more rebellious youth who wanted to get the hell off this radioactive rock as soon as possible. As such she sort of fell into a ‘bad crowd’ despite being a deputy Road Marshall, listening to damn loud music that had too much off-world influences. Though it didn’t extend beyond that and some sarcastic comments, getting most of her aggression out on the various outlaws trying to evade the bunker-cities’ personal enforcers with several kills under her belt by the time she was 13. When she was old enough to be fully earn her Marshall Badge and armor she was a veteran of several raids against bandit strongholds.

One of those bandit kingpins was Harrier Hakkoca that Evashayl managed to piss off by blowing up his son while he was raiding a fuel convoy during the course of her duty. For the next year Hakkoca made it his personal mission to hunt down this jumped up yrak and mount her head on his wall. It got so bad that he launched an attack on her mobile home, stranding her to eventually be picked off by his men, if it wasn’t for her father bringing a pose to save her, she would not have lived past that night. Unfortunately Lokhan died in the final assault at the hands of Hakkoca in a very painful way at the cost of an eye as his daughter escapes with the rest of the Marshalls.

After that, Evashayl could not stay on this world as about the only reason she stayed was to take care of her father, every one of her few friends had already went off world, and with this action causing the death of quite a few fellow Marshalls she would have been put on heavy probation. So she got her gear, and any other mementoes she could gather to ply the space lane looking for some way to make a living someplace without hard rain.