Star Wars: A New Heist (WEG)

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A game run by mistermisterw using the West End Games Revised Second Edition rules. Set five years after the Return of the Jedi, during the return of Thrawn, it follows the crew of the freighter the Reasonable Excuse as they engage in exciting new crime.

The PCs[edit]

The Reasonable Excuse[edit]

The Reasonable Excuse is a TL-1800[7] light freighter, jointly-owned by the crew. An older ship, it's obvious she's seen several crews in her years of service. The faded hull paint which is pock-marked with carbon scoring, and the interior decor has been repaired and patched so many times it's no longer possible to discern the original material. The accommodation arrangements consist of 4 double cabins, and one smaller single berth cabin.

The ship still retains its original nav computer, the notoriously unreliable Portal Delta, and benefits from an ignition keycode known only to the crew to prevent casual theft.

Important NPCs[edit]

Moda Ghent - A Twi'leki fence and deal broker based on Tarabba Prime.

Important Locations[edit]

Tarabba Prime - the commercial and communications hub for the Tarabba sector. The capital Tarabba City is a good place to make money, both legitimately and nefariously, and at the start of the game has been the Reasonable Excuse's base of operations for several months.


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