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Name: J3P0 (“Jay”) Species: Cybot Galactica, 3PO Human-Cyborg Relations Droid. Modified!

Height: 1.7 meters Weight: 75 kg. Physical description: A basic, off-the-line model of 3PO unit, without visible damage or modifications.

Background: A standard 3PO unit, stolen and hacked to be able to be, in essence, a Crime Butler.

Personality: A standard 3PO unit. It computes probabilities when asked, to allow for better planning of activities. ("Twenty-five to one, sir.") It translates as needed (“in spirit, as is sometimes preferable”) It uses its voice centers to provide a familiar and/or comforting voice as required. ("In sir's godfather's voice? Certainly.") It anticipates his employers’ logistical needs ("I took the liberty of cacheing sir's firearm of preference.") It also maintains an up-to-date library on the social scene it is expected to operate in, much as a diplomatic attache-droid will. ("Sir has had a colorful career, with many interesting anecdotes, which will certainly be of interest to many parties.") All in all, functioning within standard parameters. [ Nobody’s 100% certain whether or not Jay’s just playing innocent about it or if it is actually aware it’s now a Crime Butler. There's definitely evidence either way.]

(What I'm shooting for is 'very similar to Tony Daniels' performance of 3PO, only now he's Doing Crimes.")

Objectives: "Assist, faithfully and loyally."

Connection with other characters: (TBA)

Stats: Dexterity 2D Knowledge 3D Mechanical 2D Perception 3D Strength 2D Technical 2D

Skills: -Bureaucracy 1D -Languages 5D -Bargain 2D -Persuasion 2D -Culture 1D

Move: 7 Force Sensitive: No.

Special Abilities: Life Preservation Programming: “My programming prevents me from personally injuring a sentient.” (Even C-3PO has to work around this, or he wouldn’t help Rebels kill Imperials, so I think we’ve got wiggle room.)

Equipped with: -AA-1 VerboBrain [With some FASCINATIING upgrades!] -Humanoid Body (2 arms, 2 legs, head) -Two audio-visual sensors (Human range) -Broadband antenna receiver. -Vocabulator speech/sound system capable of reproducing virtually any sound it hears or is programmed to produce. [This, presumably, makes it able to do voiceprints, etc. -TranLang III communication module with over seven-million languages. (+1d to Languages, already added in) [And, presumably, anything it's handed to work with.]