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Name: Tandooka

Gender: Male

Race: Jawa

Age: 24

Home Planet: Tatooine

Physical Description: Size 0.9 meters tall; Weight: 29 kg

Special Abilities: Technical Aptitude: At the time of character creation /only/, Jawa characters receive 2D for every 1D they place in repair-oriented /Technical/skills.

Story Factors: Trade Language: Jawas have developed a very flexible trade language which is virtually unintelligible to other species - when Jawas want it to be unintelligible.

Move: 8/10 Force-sensitive: no.


Skills: DEX: Blaster 1D KNO: -- MECH: Ground Vehicle Operation 1D PER: -- STR: -- TECH: Droid Repair 1D * 2 First aid 1D (A) Medicine (advanced skill, must have this to even attempt it) 1D Space Transport Repair 1D * 2 Starship Weapon Repair 1D * 2

Appearance: Tandooka both looks like and doesn't look like a typical Jawa. Yeah, he's short and has yellow eyes shining from under his hood, but he forwent the typical robes upon moving off-world. His clothes of choice are cargo pants with tons of pockets for all the useful stuff, sturdy boots, and a hooded vest to cope with the sunlight. When he leaves his usual habitat of the engine room, he also carries a bag for all the gear that didn't fit into the pockets.

He doesn't make a secret out of his face like the rumors like to say Jawas do. He's just not used to bright light so he keeps the hood on. When he doesn't need to share space with anyone else, he tends to dim the lights all the way out and take the ever-present thing off.

Since getting off-world, he discovered the joy of sonics and unlimited (compared to home) water supply, so the rumors about smelly Jawas don't hold, either.

Personality: Back home, Tandooka was one of the best mechanics; certainly the best one among his peers. He's never liked selling wares to others. He enjoys much more making a thing work, and work well, and then finding a use for it himself. He's serious about his work, too, and finds pride in his accomplishments.

He has a rather gray morality: he doesn't much care if someone he doesn't know well suffers unless that also inconveniences him in any way. He's not skilled at combat and will be the first to admit it, but he's perfectly fine with helping his allies from the sidelines.

Tandooka is a down-to-earth guy. He likes to tinker, and he likes comfort, even if comfort to him is a den full of schematics and wires and spare parts. He likes money insofar that it can provide for said comfort and tinkering, but he doesn't much care for hoarding it. He'd rather hoard replacement parts, thanks.

That said, having grown up on an isolated planet, he can't help but wonder at the variety of life and culture on the others. He likes traveling from place to place and exploring the cities, even if his path inevitably strays toward the electronics market. Seeing the galaxy is one of his main motivations for joining the group.

Tandooka can't speak Basic, his throat just doesn't work this way. He understands it perfectly well, though. He can talk in Jawa Trade Language with anyone who knows it. Nowadays, he usually gets Jay to translate for him whenever he's around. Otherwise, he writes on a datapad or, if all else fails, resorts to vigorous gesticulation.

Though he doesn't maintain contact with his clan on Tatooine, they parted on good terms. They weren't happy when he decided to leave the planet, but considered it an honor for him to get to learn more about the world. The tradition goes that when he masters his trade and tires of roaming about the galaxy, he'll come home and teach what he'd learned to the new generation. He's still young, though, and doesn't dwell on that much.

Background: Tandooka grew up on a Jawa sandcrawler on Tatooine. His childhood and youth were rather uneventful: roaming the deserts, learning to tinker with stuff, the usual clan shenanigans. The thing worth noting though was how aptly he took to mechanical repairs, quickly outperforming even the older Jawas. The clan elders were happy to encourage him with scraps and bits of knowledge they could find on the topic, and his work, in turn, increased the clan's profits.

That could have gone on for a long while except that he met Eva when she was stranded on the planet. She and the clan didn't start off well but came to respect each other when they worked together to help her transport get off the ground. She gave Tandooka her contact info when she left, just in case. Not that he could really keep in touch while roaming the desert, but it was a nice gesture still.

Through learning more about mechanics and talking with Eva—however hard it was what with the language barrier,—Tandooka gathered that the galaxy was a far more vast and interesting place than just a sea of sand. He liked his clan and his life, don't get him wrong... but he wanted more.

And a couple years later, a perfect opportunity came up.

It all started with him fixing Jay. Well, making Jay who he was now, arguably. There was this almost-functional 3PO unit, see, they recovered it from a crash, but its auxiliary memory bank was done for, and it would be really hard for it to get by without one. Luckily, they found quite an assortment of data drives on that same site. And guess what, one of them fit perfectly. Well, it might have taken a bit of soldering, rewiring, tweaking the params, and a fair share of very creative Jawaese, but the point was, it worked. Even if the droid now apparently couldn't call anyone his master without going into some kind of an existential crisis error loop.

It was a feature, anyway.

So Tandooka tried to talk to him, see if it was actually all right, and discovered that the droid (Jay) understood the trade speak. Another thing of interest was that, apparently, it now possessed a trove of smuggling knowledge. Along with personal files that looked suspiciously like bank account information and coordinates of a place not that far away, on Rodia.

Tandooka and Jay quickly came to a mutually beneficial agreement.

It went like this. They got off-planet and headed to Rodia, using up the better part of the bank account's contents. There, in a nondescript grove, they found a stash of even more cash and some basic supplies: rations, a couple changes of clothes, a perfectly serviceable blaster. Since it looked like the owner of the stash didn't much care for it (or anything else) anymore, they took the liberty of looting the whole thing—and off they went to Mid Rim. For the sake of appearances, Tandooka played the role of Jay's owner, even though they worked out an equal relationship between themselves, and Jay helped translate for Tandooka when he needed it.

They spent a fun two years going from planet to planet, Tandooka working repair things and Jay doing whatever he was doing, and just as this life had started to feel a bit monotonous, they received a message from Eve. (Tandooka wrote her first thing he got a working HoloNet connection; they kept in touch since.)

Eve was looking for a crew, and Tandooka and Jay happened to have enough savings to buy in a ship with her. Seemed like the obvious thing to do, really—so here they are.

Equipment: - Basic clothing - SoroSuub Pak-It Gear Bag (50) - Corellian Engineering V-07 Hydrospanner (50) [Bonuses for using a hydrospanner for repair work may range from +1 to +1D as decided by the gamemaster.] - Varge Corp. Energy Tester (Power Scanner, 150) [Bonuses for using a power scanner for repair work may range from +1 to +1D as decided by the gamemaster.] - Borallis Metalworking & Materials LSW-983 Laser Welder (50) [Allows for welds from 0.2-20 centimeters in diameter. Bonuses for using a laser welder for repair work may range from +1 to +1D as decided by the gamemaster.] - SoroSuub Journeyman Tool Box (Starship Tool Kit, 200) [This toolkit adds +1D to any starship-related repair rolls.] - Droid Customization Kit (400, link to lengthy description) - Vlanth LG70 Loader’s Gloves (100 per pair) [STR+2. Gloves take five minutes to put on or take off, and you need a second non-gloved person to help you into the second glove. It’s impossible to wield a blaster or perform any fine manipulation while wearing the protection gloves.] - Imperial-issue Medical Resources Kit (200) [Provides +1D to first aid or medicine when used to treat severe physical trauma, such as burns, cuts, contusions, abrasions and other external physical injuries. Provides no bonus for other types of injury (such as internal injuries) or the treatment of toxins or poisons.] - Adventure Hiker & Hunter Ration Pack x 5 (5 * 5) - Merr-Sonn Model 44 Blaster Pistol (500) [Ammo: 100, Range: 3-10/30/100, Damage: 4D] - Standard Datapad (70) - Personal Comlink (25) 130 credits

Relationships with other characters: Jay: Jay is Tandooka's companion and the closest thing to a friend. They've traveled the galaxy together for a couple years now. Jay is immensely helpful with translation and overall communication, and Tandooka helps keep up the act whenever backwards laws dictate that every droid needs an owner. Eva: Tandooka and Eva are more acquaintances than friends, though they chat regularly on HoloNet. They mostly trade work anecdotes, he about the particularly memorable repair gigs and she about whatever she's up to at the time. Tandooka respects her efficiency as well as sense of humor.

Miscellaneous: Tandooka is the name he was given when he came of age, and it's a portmanteau of Tando (to fix) and Dooka (junk).