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Desperate Times is a Star Wars game using the FFG Edge of the Empire Rules-set

This is the wiki page for 'Desperate Times', a Play-by-Post that will be run on the PbP forum. I'm Waiwode, the GM. We're at barebones right now, but more will be added as things get rolling.

Player Characters[edit]

Barsheeba Valens[edit]

Barsheeba Valens, Human Hired Gun/Mercenary, played by Muskrat

The Haggard Witch[edit]

The Haggard Witch, Human Explorer/Scout & Force Sensitive played by Stormraven

Kenna Cychu[edit]

Kenna Cychu, a Pantoran Bounty Hunter/Gadgeteer, played by Lysus

Hakmi Vloy[edit]

Hakmi Vloy a Weequay Bounty Hunter/Assassin, played by HardKore Keltoid

LOM-4x aka Lomax[edit]

Lomax a Droid Explorer/Trader, played by Mr Teufel

Retired Characters[edit]

Mongo the Hutt[edit]

Mongo the Hutt, Hutt Colonist/Entrepreneur, played by vilainn6


Ordamirku'rav'abrithon (Kurava) Chiss Smuggler/Gunslinger played by Markov

The Crawl[edit]

Desperate Times
The Clone Wars are over and the EMPIRE has
risen from the ashes of the REPUBLIC. Now
purges and arrests are sweeping up any who
raise their voice against the new regime.

Arrested and deported without trial, you
find yourselves slaving in the Spice Desert
of Nar Molub for a meagre daily ration.
Life expectancy here is very short.

Saboteurs have crippled the Spice Crawler,
and confusion reigns in the night. Flight
across the desert is a desperate ploy, but
it may be your only hope...

Game Notes[edit]

Nar Molob[edit]

A forgotten and inhospitable planet in Hutt space, Nar Molub was an orbital refuelling station above a planet left alone until the recent discovery of Molub Spice. Molub Spice is a silicate compound found in the sand that, with the proper treatment, compares favourably to glitterdust, a Kessel Spice.

Verlane Sector[edit]

Destiny Pool[edit]

The current Destiny Pool is:

Light Side: 2

Dark Side: 5

Obligation Table[edit]

1d100 Roll Character Obligation Summary
01 - 05 Barsheeba Valens Favour Owes Ortega Jailo her life
06 - 10 Barsheeba Valens Oath Not to rest until the Empire is overthrown.
11 - 20 Kurava Obsession The Art of the Duel
21 - 25 The Haggard Witch Debt Jarro Handa
26 - 30 The Haggard Witch The Price of a Name Agnetha, Heiress of Dachat
31 - 45 Kenna Cychu Criminal A life of crime catches up.
41 - 50 Hakmi Vloy Betrayal The Hutts seek retribution!
51 - 55 L0M-4X Debt To Crime Syndicate
56 - 60 L0M-4X Duty Bound A guild member, owes favours for favours.