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Torg Eternity: Relics of Power (Redux)[edit]

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Game Info[edit]

They came from other cosms — other realities — conquerors joined together to steal the Earth’s living energy…to consume its possibilities. The Reality Raiders brought with them their own realities, turning portions of our planet into someplace else. Led by a mysterious and ancient individual known only as the Gaunt Man, the High Lords each claimed a piece of Earth for themselves. Each established his or her primitive, pulp, dark fantasy, cyberpapacy, high tech, or horror realm on our world, setting the conquest in motion. In some realities, the raiders encountered stiff resistance from the residents of Earth and those defenders full of Possibility Energy, the “Storm Knights.“ They rose up against the Gaunt Man and his allies, battling back with the full fury of their will and eventually overthrowing the invaders.

But this is not one of those realities. In this reality, in this time, the High Lords are winning.

The invasion was 7 months ago. Since then, some of the most notable events are the assassination of Kranod a month ago in Tharkold, the expansion of Cyberpapacy into Brazil, the expansion of Doctor Mobius’ Nile in the Middle East, the collapse of the (former) national government of India, and more and more rumors and ‘evidence’ that Ryuchi Kanawa was responsible for the initial outbreak of the Contagion. The Delphi Council, with the help of Hero Division operatives such as yourselves, have kept the overall result of the war (so far) a stalemate. However, as you've found out often, your travel (and other) plans are always subject to change. In this case, you’ve been whisked to Ottawa (Ontario), Canada because of a potential lead that could turn the tide of the war...



Ali Farouk - portrait.jpg

Naveen Andrews as Ali Farouk,The Fist of Maat
(played by The Watcher)

(NE) A security officer at a Cairo hotel when the Nile axioms washed over the city, Ali fought crime and corruption as one of many costumed crime fighters until mob vengeance left him dying in the Nile itself.

Eileen - Portrait.jpg

Karen Gillian as Eibhlin ni Padraig (Eileen Patrick)
(played by Stormraven)

(CE) Busker, Ren Faire Entertainer who discovered that her gift of gab and her storytelling ability was oft-times as good as an actual weapon in these desperate times.

CodenamePsycho - Portrait.jpg

Summer Glau as Codename: Psycho
(played by Aurebesh)

(CE) former Black Ops Assassin working for the Delphi Council

Brother Michael - Portrait.jpg

Arnold Schwarzenegger as Brother Michael
(played by Graf Spee)

(CP) Former Magna Veritan soldier and crusader who became disillusioned and exiled from the Church. Recruited by the Knights Templar, he has found himself fighting the Cyberpope's forces as well as those of the other High Lords.

Miles - Portrait.jpg

Anthony Stewart as Miles Thompson
(played by EnigmaticOne)

(CE) A librarian in New York City when the Living Land invaded. FInding himself unchanged, he aided those he could in escaping to England (where he found it to be changed as well but with rampaging trolls). Recruited by the Delphi Council, Miles aids in getting people where they want or need to go.

Isabelle - portrait.jpg

Anya Taylor-Joy as Isabelle Beauchene
(played by Gremlin)

(CP) a gamer, digital artist and a student of graphic design in Lyon, Isabelle found her wiccan faith fueling true magic after the appearance of the Cyber Church. A member of a coven of white witches, Isabelle was left for dead after a Cyberpapal raid. Rescued and healed using renegade cyberware, she uses her infiltration skills for the benefit of all at the behest of the Delphi Council.


With Appearances By[edit]

Alice Burton - Ghost.jpg Michelle Forbes as Alice Burton - Assistant Director of Delphi Council's Marathon Division

Game Resources[edit]

These are a few things that may be useful to the game. :)

Torg Eternity Errata and FAQ[edit]

Axioms and World Laws[edit]

Bonus Chart[edit]


New Gear[edit]

Survival Gear[edit]

Delphi Survival Kit (Living Land) - This nylon pack includes gear needed for survival in the Living Land and other remote locations where the benefits of civilization are not close at hand. The pack is generally issued to Delphi Council agents active in the Living Land, although some resistance groups have acquired or created similar versions.

A pack contains the following items:
• Small gas stove
• Sturdy compass
• Adjustable flashlight
• Small hand mirror
• Individual collapsible tent
• Insulated sleeping bag
• 20 meters of nylon rope
• One week’s worth of freeze-dried, vacuum-sealed ration packs
• Canteen

Taken together, these conveniences make survival tests in the wilderness Favored. Unfortunately such kits seldom last long in the harsh axioms of the Living Land.


Cyberpapacy (Tech 26)[edit]

MB Charger I/II/III - +1/+2/+3 Dexterity for 3 minutes. ($750/$1500/$3000)
Implanted at the base, or top, of the spinal cord. It speeds the response time of CNS signals, increasing Dexterity by one point. The boost lasts for three minutes.
MB MindBoost - +3 Mind for 3 minutes. ($2500)
Attached to the rear of the skull, the MindBoost releases mild hallucinogens and stimulants into the left side of the brain which increases a character’s Mind attribute by three points for 15 minutes. Releasing additional doses of MindBoost adversely affect a character’s Mind attribute (the character becomes spaced out by the hallucinogens), reducing it by four points. Only one dose may be in effect at one time.
Marlenes Hot Wires - Drug Injector holds 5 doses of given drug. ($1000)
Neural injectors which release dosages of selected drugs into the bloodstream. Hot Wires are usually fitted beneath the skin in a small easily accessible box covered with NeuraSkin. Each box can hold up to five doses of a drug and the initial cost includes 5 doses of a drug.
Nu-Yu - Look like someone else. Any rolls involving altered appearance gain +2 and are considered Favored. ($750)
With implants in the musculature of the face and various subdermal implants at strategic locations on the body, this bit of cyberware allows an individual to look like someone else. Any rolls involving altered appearance gain +2 and are considered Favored.

House Rules[edit]

Here's where any game-specific ruling will be kept track of.

Reload Costs[edit]

Right now I'm having difficulty finding the previous official ruling, but I'm going with this:

  • Weapons come with 2 free reloads. Additional 50 rounds of standard ammunition costs $50