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NOTE: We are now experimenting with using Heroquest instead of TROS with this game. See The Story of the People for info.


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TROS in the Hammer[edit]

This is a space set aside for the campaign of the Riddle of Steel taking place in Hamilton, Ontario. Seneschal = Hans. Players = Justin, Pete, Ryan, Vic.

NOTE: Stuff in PURPLE is stuff that is still in doubt, requires input, etc.

NOTE: Instead of sending a lot of emails back and forth, I propose that we discuss this stuff through the discussion pages here.


The setting of this game is a post-apocalyptic milieu that the people who live in it call the World. An apocalypse of some variety, known only in legend now, brought the World to essentially a stone age level of technology. Some cultures of the World have now achieved a late medieval/early rennaissance level, after thousands of years.

Map of the World[edit]

Political Entities in the World[edit]

A full description of The People[edit]

Religons in the World[edit]

Relationship Maps for People and Tribes[edit]


There is magic in the world, incredibly powerful but compared to some fantasy milieus somewhat limited. All magic essentially arises from the contacting and commanding/befriending/imprisoning of spirits.

Spirits and Spirit Magic[edit]


NOTE: Each character can have an additional number of skills at their best packet rating, known languages, or -1 to other skills, based on their Mental Aptitude. For this game, I am also requiring that a person use one of these points to be literate, if you choose to be.

(DECEASED): Thunder's Rumble[edit]

Justin's Character: Kronkite[edit]

Vic's character: Night Hawk[edit]

Pete's character: Peregrine[edit]

Other Stuff[edit]

Here is where general rule stuff goes.

Social Combat: Rules for making conversations more detailed and interesting[edit]

New Skill Packets[edit]


Expert with siege weapons, large crossbows, etc.

  • Artillery
  • Battle
  • Strategy
  • Tactics 1
  • Orienteering 1
  • Scrounging 1
  • Teamster
  • Weather-sense 1

New Weapons[edit]


20-22 rds prep (Pull arrow 0/2, crank and knock 20), Refresh begins with knock, 2MP to reduce prep by 1 sec with Ref/8, ATN 5, DAM 10P, 1 ATN/200 feet, can only be draw by STR 8 or by attached crank/pulley.

Gezag Recurve Bow[edit]

2-4 rounds prep time [Pull arrow: 0 (on ground), 2 (from quiver); knock and draw: 2)]. Refresh begins with drawing the arrow. 2 MP to reduce prep time by one round (Reflex/TN8). Min Str 5. ATN 7, DAM 6. 1 ATN per 45 feet.

Session Summaries[edit]

Session 1: The Troubles Begin[edit]

Session 2: A Night in the Forest[edit]

Session 3: The Shape of Things to Come[edit]

Summary of stuff that has happened since then[edit]

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