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Just to clarify. This article represents the War of Balance game, not previous campaigns.

The main changes are the removal of some characters from the previous game, and the children of these players. Some of the characters i will include in the new game because i like them as spurs. In the Jeweled Amber game the primal beasts got around. The unicorn had a child by Rando. The Bear had them with Doria and at least two npcs. Morgenstern got some. Just cleaning up the hiers and spares.

Also, in the J A game the documents called Heirs and Spares was delivered by Maylon Hendrake as part of a complicated maneuver by the heirs of Dworkin in Chaos. It revealed relationships unknown to the family and the Amber end of the spectrum. In the War of Balance game will have the Heirs and Spares from the beginning as part of Random's investigations upon taking the throne. As such, it will be incomplete until publicly added to.