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Male Dwarf
Level 1
Alignment NG
Str 9
Dex 8
Con 12 (after racial modifier)
Int 8 (+1 language)
Wis 13
Cha 7 (after racial modifier)

Dwarfish Racial Abilities:

• +1 constitution, -1 charisma (with respect to all but dwarfs)

• +1 to hit against goblins, half-orcs, hobgoblins, and orcs

• +1 bonus per 3.5 points of Con to saves against magic and poison

• -4 penalty to any attacks made against the dwarf by giants, ogres, ogre mages, titans and trolls.

languages: Dwarfi sh, gnomish, goblin, kobold, and orcish, and the common tongue and the appropriate alignment tongue. Regardless of intelligence, a dwarf may only ever learn two languages in addition to those listed.

Infravision*: 60 ft

Within ten ft, a dwarf can detect certain facts concerning engineering, stonework, etc. Although no signifi cant time is required, the character must deliberately observe his or her surroundings (i.e., the player must state that the dwarf is using this particular talent in order to gain information).

• Detect the existence of slopes or grades: 75%
• Detect the existence of new construction: 75%
• Detect sliding or shifting rooms or walls: 66%
• Detect traps involving stonework: 50%
• Determine depth underground: 50%
Movement Rate: 90 ft
Age: 250+Age: 2d20 11=261

HD: d8

HP: HP: 1d8 8

Armour/Shield Permitted:Any

Weapons Permitted: Blunt only—club, flail, hammer, mace, oil, staff; clerics may hurl

hammers, clubs, or oil

Weapon Proficiencies: 2

Penalty to hit for nonproficiency:-3

Special Abilities: 2 First Level Spells (one due to Wisdom Bonus) Turn Undead

XP: 2083/1550

Equipment: Money: Money: 3d6 13x10=130 GP