Ten Who Were Taken

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In the World called Homeworld, one of 16 linked worlds, an empire arose led by the Dominator[[1]] and his wife, Lady. The two subdued 10 mighty wizards in an enslavement ritual called "Taking". There is strong circumstantial evidence that Lady became the wife of the Dominator because his Taking of her failed.

The original Ten Who Were Taken are:

  • Soulcatcher [[2]]
  • Limper [[3]]
  • Howler[[4]]
  • Shapeshifter [[5]]
  • Stormbringer [[6]]
  • Hanged Man [[7]]
  • Bonegnasher [[8]]
  • Nightcrawler [[9]]
  • Moonbiter [[10]]
  • Faceless Man [[11]]

The Dominion ruled for centuries then was defeated and entombed in stasis in the Barrowlands.

In the long course of things the entombed were awoke, wars fought and many of the taken were defeated and dispersed.

In time Lady "Took" new Taken:

For the Jeweled Amber adventures seeBenedict/Hendrake breeding program

This is taken from the Black Company series written by Glen Cook [[20]] Its included here because the PC Doria[[21]] was taken from this series and was the antagonist/protagonist called Lady