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Tenzing Norgay[edit]

Archetype: Field researcher ( Galactic/Explorer/Academic ) Description: Energetic, Unkempt, Kind-hearted.

Mettle Physique Influence Expertise Interface
+1 -1 0 +2 +1



When creating an antidote, vaccine, drug, poison or pathogen in a lab, state the effect you want it to have and its method of transmission (spray, injector, pill, etc.) Roll +Expertise. On a 10+, you successfully create it. On a 7-9, it will have reduced potency or have unintended side effects.


When you make an assessment of any aspect of a wilderness (animals, plants, weather, terrain, hazards, etc.) you gain 3 data points about that subject on a 10+, and 1 data point on a 7-9.


You can scrounge up the following from all but the most barren, inhospitable surroundings: Somewhat edible food and drink Basic medicine or first-aid materials Rustic Wilderness kit Primitive Class 0 melee weapon. Weightless: Ignore the Clumsy trait and/or movement restrictions inflicted by microgravity, low-gravity, freefall, climbing and jump jets. A successful (10+) Move while in those situations lets you describe a moment of exceptional acrobatic grace.

Advancement Trigger: (Academic) A fascinating phenomenon is explained


Leba, inc. (x3)


Leba, inc.


  • Class 2 Attire: Wing suit (Class 2 Attire, Simple, Jump Jets, Sealed) - indispensable for the interplanetary beekeeper who wants to retrieve a wild swarm.
  • Class 1 Asset: Research kit
  • Class 1 Asset: Stunner Pistol, One-handed, Close/Far, Stun) - For when you want to collect a specimen, not kill.


  • Rugged: Withstands harsh climates and weather.
  • Decontamination units, hydroponics facilities, advanced water/air/waste recyclers, self-sufficient.

Data Points[edit]





Tenzing grew up in an asteroid mining colony. While his parents toiled away, he was tutored by mr. Vincken. The latter kept a beehive but purely as a personal affectation and, importantly, completely isolated from the rest of the colony. Nobody likes to hear an angry buzzing sound in their EVA suit. Young Tenzing was intrigued but not entirely cautious. The escaped bees, however, turned out to not be a nuisance at all but instead outcompeted the artificial pollination methods. Crops were up with less effort, which meant more labour hours were freed up for mining, which meant more profits which is what got the attention of the higher-ups. While Tenzing himself is in it for the discovery aspect, the company is only interested in profit and/or cost-cutting by deploying bees, bumblebees and possibly other varieties.

Tenzing is currently working on the Beowulf, along with Rabbit Morgan.