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This is the main page for The New Guard, a Mutants and Masterminds game GMed by drkrash.

Current Team[edit]

Adamantos (t@nya) (Current HP 6)

Blue Star (thorya) (Current HP 5, Unspent PP 3)

Nightshade (BlackSheep) (Current HP 9)

The Mighty Amulet (Chuk) (Current HP 7, Unspent PP 6)

Chromia (Stormraven) (Current HP 8)

Wise Arrow (Shawn Hagen) (Current HP)

  • The Team has earned 10 Power Points total

Former Team Members[edit]

Bounce (ClassDunce)

Centurion (Zen Gypsy)

Crimson Shield (TCArknight)

Setting Information[edit]