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Winter 1931[edit]

  • Dec 14, 1931 - Leave from Inverness for Sandø Island, with Carl Ellis' group along with crewman John Elwar, and passengers Redland Jack and Henrik Mueller. This island has been uninhabited since a shipwreck in the 16th century which left survivors stranded for several years. The survivors of that eventually founded a clan/cult which would later become the village of Bailey.
  • Dec 16, 1931 - Arrive at Sandø. Stay overnight after doing a ritual to investigate for signs of the influence. There is a roughly triangular hollow with vaguely serpent-shaped columns of stones in the corners of the hollow. They find a hole hidden by a flat stone down to a rough-shaped chamber with room for two people.
  • Dec 17, 1931 - Rebecca and Henrik talk. (End of session) Carl, Henrik, and Redland Jack discuss plans for going to Bailey. Late afternoon, the Augusta Queen goes on to Streymoy (the main Faeroe Island port), leaving John & Henrik on the island. The port is strangely quiet, they learn due to a rash of influenza.
  • Dec 18, 1931 - Ship stays on Streymoy, where they are unloaded and not fully re-loaded due to lack of people because of the plague. Henrik stays sketching on Sandø with John.
  • Dec 19, 1931 - The Augusta Queen leaves the Faeroes early in the morning.
  • Dec 20, 1931 - Arrive at Aberdeen in the evening. Hansen shows a crumpled ad for Hardeen the Mysterious from the early twenties, brother of Harry Houdini.
  • Dec 21, 1931 - Arrive in Edinborough in the morning. Arrive in Reith, near Bailey at 11PM. After arranging rooms at the inn, they all walk through snow towards Bailey. They are shadowed by a fey named Andrew, who tells them new. Nearby, Carl, Rebecca, and Auda do a ritual to open the ley line going into the village. Carl and Rebecca are exhausted by this, and Auda nearly goes to attack the church, but he is knocked unconscious by Erich. Carl then does second ritual, watched over by the others while Henrik takes Rebecca and the unconscious Auda back to the inn. During the walk back, they kiss. The group meets at the inn later. (End of session -- In email, there are conversations at the inn and Carl giving documents to the newcomers.)
  • Dec 22, 1931 - In the morning, the American private investigator Bobby Hansen turns up, interested in meeting Constance Talmudge (an actress who lives in Bailey, but also the incarnation of the spirit known as The Lady). He joins the others going to Bailey. They arrive little over an hour before the solstice, which is around 11AM. They find a manor house under construction and a church-like building built around a pyramid, but no people about. The church is on the ley line, and they go down steps under the church.
They first encounter a giant scorpion creature, which runs after Hansen shoots it. In a room later, they find 30 people in a trance watching a column of light. They are a distraction, a simple energy source for the Lady. In a room following, they find 10 villagers also in a trance, facing a display of four human skins. Constance is nowhere to be found, though. There is a small chamber adjoining this where they can feel a psychic connection.
They attempt a ritual with multiple parts. To disrupt the Lady's ritual, Hansen distract the 10 people by giving them a forceful command to leave, aided by Redland Jack and John. Auda carved a symbol into the floor of the chamber and activated it with his blood. Using a silver paint pen given him by Carl, Henrik draws pictures of the three guardian statues that he had studied on Sandø Island. When the ritual completes, the guardians come to life. After staying at the back and in corners for a while, Jack inexplicably tries to attack them, but Henrik fends him off. John commands them to take the Lady back to her prison, and they obey.
  • Feb 3, 1932 - Unbeknownst to them, when they leave the ley-line-charged church, it is six weeks later, February 3 of the following year. Hansen first emerges, with a dozen of the villagers who have fixated on him since his command, and eventually he lets himself be drawn into a pagan orgy outdoors around a bonfire. The others studiously avoid this and eventually make their way back to the inn. Auda has apparently taken on new psychic ties to the village. Henrik uncomfortably talks to Auda about his intentions towards Rebecca, and Auda explains in part the psychic connection that he and she have.
  • Feb 7, 1932 - The group proceed to London, staying over at Carl's house in London. Henrik asks around about his patron, Cecil Becker, but he finds no evidence linking him to the occult.
  • Feb 10, 1932 - The group meet with various members of a related order from Trujillo, Spain -- lead by Theo Weiss. The various members discussed matters of import about how they were going to proceed in protecting the world from destruction. Carl Ellis explained the diagram of correspondences, and indicated the two missing Principles of Aspiration and Consecration. They attempted to find one of these through a magical ritual, where (?) would telepathically transfer his mental image of her from a vision to Henrik, who would draw her. The ritual succeeded more than intended, and Henrik came into contact with the woman. Unable to speak, he knew only that she was somewhere in England, and that she asked him who the woman behind him was. They subsequently located the woman at an insane asylum in Cornwall. Carl's group agreed to get the woman and take her to Tibet via Spain and Cairo, where they will jump through a portal to Tibet.
  • Feb 11-12, 1932 - The group attempts to meet with the mysterious industrialist, Cecil Becker. They locate his office and engage in a bit of skullduggery. Certain elements of the office indicate knowledge of "power." Carl and Redland meet with his primary intermediary, Edmund Handley, while Henrik and Boris investigate other artists associated with Becker. A meeting is arranged with Becker to take place in "a couple of weeks." Henrik and Boris discover that many of the artists have "powers" similar to those possessed by Henrik (but weaker).
  • Feb 13, 1932 - Carl, Rebecca, Boris, Roxanne, Henrik, and Redland travel to Cornwall to "acquire" the Principle of Aspiration. On arrival, they encounter an Outsider named the Dark Pharaoh. A deal is offered to Carl, whereby he would receive information in exchange for assistance against (unnamed) mutual enemies.
  • Feb 14, 1932 - Boris engages in some financial manipulations that seem likely to "free" the Principle of Aspiration, Laura, from the mental hospital. Henrik, Rebecca, and Redland Jack meet with Laura in the hospital and discuss the possibility of her rendering assistance. Laura believes she is living in a manor house in 1890, but is otherwise lucid. Later in the day, Carl and John meet with Laura and convince her to voluntarily leave the hospital. John's destiny is revealed... if he chooses to accept it. (Note: he doesn't). Carl, despite serious reservations, comes to terms with the Dark Pharaoh.
  • Feb 15-17, 1932 - John Elwar leaves the group to return to his life as a sailor/writer. Carl, Henrik, Boris, and Redland investigate the home where Donal, a.k.a., Joc, (an associate of Laura) once lived. Evidence of a murder is turned up, but few clues remain. Carl contacts a "dowser" and discovers that Donal and Joc are (likely) different people. Henrik and Rebecca discover another (potentially) major player in the game, the corporation, Pentheus (with which Donal/Joc/whoever is associated), a mathematically inclined group that seek to appease the Outsiders with mass human sacrifice. Carl rejects the deal offered by the Dark Pharaoh. The decision is finalized to bring Laura from the manor to Tibet.
  • Feb 18-21, 1932 - Auda meets up with the group and they travel to Tibet.
  • Feb 21-26, 1932 - Books are consulted on matters both personal and global. Henrik discovers that a horrible fate will befall the world if the Pentheus Corporation is allowed to grow unhindered
  • Feb 26-March 4, 1932 - All (save for Redland Jack and Laura) leave the library in Tibet. Carl, Auda, and Boris journey to Alexandria, Egypt, while Henrik and Rebecca go to Vienna. Carl returns to Tibet on the 29th to pick-up Laura and discovers that Redland is missing (he left for Montreal on the 28th to talk to the Dark Pharaoh). Everyone (except again, Redland) reconvene at the Wisphers estate on the 1st of March. Everyone takes it easy and prepares for the wedding.

Spring 1932[edit]

  • March 5, 1932 - Henrik and Rebecca marry. Redland misses the wedding, angering Rebecca.
  • March 6-8, 1932 - Boris returns to Tibet to investigate some matters relating to Roxanne's third potential coterie member. Everyone else (save Redland) remains in France dealing with post-wedding guests.
  • March 9-15, 1932 - Everyone (save Redland, Laura, and Auda) travel from France to New York to investigate matters relating to the Pentheus Corporation. They arrive in New York on the 15th and meet up with Redland, who has been here for a couple of weeks. He has set up a meeting with some (supposed?) leaders of Pentheus. Redland ticks off the KoL.
  • March 16, 1932 - Carl, Redland, Henrik, and Rebecca meet with a Mr. Dellman and several other high-ranking members of Pentheus (Boris believes that there is nothing to be gained from the conversation). Redland pushes for some type of agreement/alliance between the two factions, but everyone else is resistant. Tentative plans are made to witness a "field trial" demonstrating Pentheus's containment techniques. However, no firm agreement is reached to witness this event. The fate of the world is discussed. Redland infuriates Boris. Carl is determined to pursue a new path for the world that does not result in a KoF, Pentheus, or "One World" outcome. Carl makes plans to visit Medea and Dr. Parkhurst in Los Angeles. Redland makes plans to visit a group of New York Fae and plots as to how he best can anger the rest of his companions.
  • March 17-April 4ish, 1932 - Carl formulates a new 'Many Gods' plan. He implements this plan in a meeting with the NY Fae by asking them to set up domains that will function as strongholds for the world. Boris gains a Fae lackey. Carl requests that a Fae named Victor travel with the group. All but Boris and Auda go to Los Angeles. There is a lengthy Train Conversation. In LA, we meet with Medea. Carl furthers his plan. We travel out to the desert with a prospector named Milo. We encounter a magic cactus and exchange greetings (sort of) with some people on the other side. We find a hill where a bunch of Pentheus people were murdered, probably by the 'Brotherhood of the Beast'. We meet with a group of 'snake' people and they give us a scroll that purports to account for the origins of the world. We return to LA. Henrik 'dies' and becomes a 'Soldier'. The group splits, with Valentine, Henrik, Rebecca, and Auda heading out for Wisconsin and Boris, Redland, and Carl venturing back to NY. The NY contingent meet with Roderick Usher, a powerful Nightsider and come to an agreement.
  • April 5-April 18, 1932 - People go about their various side-projects. Redland confirms the meeting with Pentheus in the Dakotas on April 20th or so. Carl travels to a leyline 'hot spot' in New Jersey on April 8 to begin laying the groundwork for a domain for the Fae.
  • April 18-20, 1932 - Henrik, Carl, and Rebecca arrive in South Dakota (a couple of days early) to unofficially observe the field test. Redland arrives later with the Pentheus corporate team. He encounters an archaeologist, Idaho Butters, who was hired by Pentheus to assist with the test. Redland fills Idaho in on Pentheus's goals and methods and Idaho is upset. They talk to the man who volunteered to be sacrificed. Redland points Idaho in the direction of Carl, Henrik, and Rebecca. When they learn that Redland has already ratted them out to Pentheus, all but Carl return to camp to 'officially' watch the test. The following day, the field test takes place. An Outsider is summoned and the volunteer is devoured. Chaos breaks loose in the camp of observers, but Pentheus's containment field holds. The attempt to destroy the Outsider is somewhat less successful, and the Pentheus employee who attempted the eradication appears to have become possessed (in some fashion) by the Outsider.
  • April 20, 1932 cont. - The group deals with the aftermath of the field test. The 'Mystic Trio' discover that the Outsider has possessed Jamison, that it is not a particularly intelligent Outsider, that it is learning things about the world rapidly, that the spark that is Jamison, is nearly extinguished, that the idol that was used by Jamison was merely a conduit, and that Jamison was compelled to do what he did, probably by Baron Hauptman. Some of the group talk to Mr. Dellman about what has just occurred (this is pending). Later, there is a bit of a discussion about philosophy. Then Rebecca and Henrik agree that breaking the Auda/Rebecca bond is probably the best thing to do. Redland contacts the KoF.
  • April 21-Early May, 1932 cont. - Carl asks Henrik and Rebecca to stay behind in South Dakota to interfere with Pentheus's plans to study the captured Outsider. Carl and Jack run through some quick errands in the eastern U.S. and then hop on a ship headed to England. Redland collapses on the ship and lies dying.
  • May 3-May 5, 1932 - Redland recovers from his illness, but he seems to have lost some of his memory. Carl takes care of some local errands. Redland and Carl meet up with Frank, Henrik, and Rebecca and discuss the state of the world.
  • May 6, 1932 - The group meets with Cecil Becker. He has brought in a fancy religious picture along with a couple of art experts, Stewart and Mary. Cecil directs them all to Russia to return the painting to its original monastery. He promises that it will be worth their while in knowledge gained. They all agree to go beginning in about a week or so.
  • May 7, 1932 - The group talks again with Cecil Becker, confirming the plans to go to Russia. There is also some information conveyed about the Brotherhood of the Beast (BotB). Namely, that a guy named Roger LaForge has taken over leadership in the absence of Baron Hauptmann. It is believed that the BotB is looking for the Baron, whom they think is still alive.
  • May 8-10ish, 1932 - The group leaves (glorious) England for (wretched) France, arriving at the Wisphers Estate. Mary and Stewart are shown a few 'magic tricks' and are (mildly) impressed. Carl brings the two ikons together and something occurs.
  • May 11-14 (approx), 1932 - Everyone travels down to Rome. There is a meeting with Father Stefan and Father Patric(k?) joins with the party on their journey to Russia.
  • May 15-20 (approx), 1932 - The party travels by boat for several days and arrives in Odessa.
  • May 21-26 (approx), 1932 - Carl and Patrick leave to update the group's documents. Everyone else travels to the monastery to return the paintings.
  • May 27-June 2 (approx), 1932 - Carl and Patrick rejoin the group and they travel to St. Petersburg in an effort to meet with the Tsar and his advisors. A group of alchemists with the clever name of The Alchemists ask to meet with the group. They have captured an Outsider and it wishes to speak with them. A deal is made with the Outsider and it is freed from where it has been bound.

Summer 1932[edit]

  • June 3-June 8 (approx), 1932 - Everyone meets with the Russian leader of the Eastern Orthodox Church. Father Patrick tries to prise information out of him, but he remains fairly close-lipped. The group encounters Carl's old friend, Dale Parsons. He provides them with a variety of information, including some of the details of the ritual that caused the 'Time of Troubles' in Russia. Dale facilitates a meeting with the Tsarina Ineska. She provides a little more information and requests assistance in dealing with a 'dead zone' in the heart of Russia. Plans are hastily made and the group prepares to leave via train almost immediately.
  • June 9-June 10 (approx), 1932 - The group takes a train to the dead spot. Along the way, Stewart and Mary spend some time learning (and practicing) 'magic'. They stop a couple of hours into their journey and everyone (except Redland) head south a ways to 'talk to the land'. Redland summons up an Outsider, interrupting their ceremony. After chiding Jack, the group finishes their journey to the dead spot. They map out the leylines in the area and Carl sends a message to the Tsar. The Tsar indicates that he will come seal the dead spot in a couple of weeks.
  • June 10, 1932 - Carl and several others go south to look for the Tsar. Redland summons an Outsider (who he names 'Prometheus), with the help of Rebecca as a conduit and Henrik and Patrick as advisors. Prometheus tells them that the Sword of Solomon is a powerful weapon against Outsider and that it is located at Skull Island, just off of Sumatra. He further indicates that The Brotherhood of the Beast is being led by Diana Stevenson and Petter Varr, and their main base of operations is just outside of Cluj, Hungary. Redland also acquires the Name of another Outsider.
  • June 11, 1932 - Before returning to Moscow, Patrick is requested to help with a sick boy. Rebecca, Henrik, Patrick, and Redland investigate and the boy was apparently damaged by some sort of metallic 'insect' that may have been collecting ponic injury along leylines for someone.
  • June 12-June 20, 1932 - Mary, Henrik, Boris, Stewart, and Redland fly down to Skull Island.
  • June 20-June 21, 1932 - They recover the Sword of Solomon. Redland, Boris, and Henrik talk to Alan St. Mar, an immortal fellow who is building a ship that can travel to the Outside. Redland agrees to meet and help him with his experiment in the U.S. in mid-August.
  • June 22-July 22, 1932 - The group flies back to the mainland and head off in various directions to engage in individual tasks.
  • July 23-July 25, 1932 - A ton of people meet at the Wisphers Estate for the annual 'gathering'.
  • July 26-August 2, 1932 - The group is split and members engage in various different tasks.
  • August 3-August 4, 1932 - Mary, Henrik, Rebecca, and Redland meet up in New York from various places. Gezak Takas and Jake Kingston join the party while looking into the Black Swan Cult and a mysterious letter (respectively). The group tracks the person who gave the letter to Jake, a guy named Lawrence Eveling, to a local pool hall. They make plans to abduct Lawrence with the assistance of the Unseelie Court.
  • August 5, 1932 - Herlihy, Rebecca, Redland, Henrik, and Jake discuss next steps. James Waters joins them, thinking that Rebecca will be able to direct him to the film star, Victor Lawrence. Henrik and Redland check in with Mr. Fuller to discuss a possible collaboration between Pentheus and the U.S. government. The group visits the Unseelie Court to see about using the 30:1 time compression for a training ground for Henrik, Jake, Rebecca, and possibly others. They spend a day there, which is less than an hour 'real' time. The group meets with Pentheus to see about ways in which they can help the corporation with the Pentheus Plan. Pentheus agrees to set up a meeting with Donal.
  • August 5-6, 1932 - Jack deals with Lawrence Eveling.
  • August 9-10, 1932 - Redland visits the Seelie Court to meet with Dr. Parkhurst and obtain his notes on the Fae for Pentheus.
  • August 12, 1932 - Henrik and Jack meet with Donal at the Pentheus headquarters.
  • August 6-14, 1932 - Rebecca (and Tony, when available) spend several months (in the Unseelie Court) helping Henrik train both his 'soldier' and his 'general' powers. Redland pops in from time-to-time, and Henrik helps him work on his hand-to-hand skills and begins teaching him the rudiments of alchemy.
  • August 14, 1932 - Henrik and Jack meet briefly with the KoF to discuss plans.
  • August 15-16, 1932 - Recover Sword of Solomon in Baltimore.
  • August 17-18, 1932 - Hang out in Bode with the weirdo St. Mar.
  • August 19-August 25, 1932 - Traveled to South American redoubt. Henrik and Rebecca stayed on there for awhile. Redland became bored fairly quickly.
  • August 25-September 1, 1932 - Redland returns to New York and meets with Meridon.
  • September 2, 1932 - Redland travels to Seelie Court to meet with Alanna.
  • September 3-September 29, 1932 - Seelie Court and New York.
  • September 30, 1932 - Henrik and Rebecca pick up Redland to travel to the Wisphers Estate for Carl's 'funeral'.
  • October 1, 1932 - Edward, Maxx, Henrik, and Monty travel to China. Redland delays at Tibet to look into the Principles than travels on to meet up with them. Auda is a high flier here. We meet with one of his chief lackeys. Auda possesses the lackey and we have a chat with him. Henrik is shot. We all go to sleep.

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