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Name: Redland Jack (Jack Redmond)                                    Str: 6               
Occupation: None (formerly an Economics Professor)                   Con: 6             
Nationality: British (English)                                       Siz: 11                           
Gender: Male                                                         App: 9   
Age (calendar): 33 (April 30, 1899) -- Age (total): approx. 40       Dex: 12   
Height: 6'1"                                                         Pow: 11      
Weight: Current (143 lbs) -- Normal (143 lbs)                        Int: 18   
Hair Color: Brownish (short)                                         Edu: 21   
Representative Statements:
"Is it dangerous?"--"Maybe we can talk to them?"--"It's always good to know more."--"I'm just a lackey." 

Redland Jack


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