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Letter for Alice Evans:

It bears Amanda's seal, and is imbued with a piece of principal power that will slightly energize you when you break it open.

It feels vaguely as if you’ve had a cup of coffee and a shot of alcohol at the same time. You won’t feel tipsy or edgy, just temporarily better, and there is the smell of orange blossoms.

Miss Evans,

I am sad that our paths didn't cross as intended.

There was mass confusion at the moment of extraction. Anthony Grimaldi told me you were looking for me; possibly my help; and that I was your sister.

This may be true.

I have been searching for my missing sisters many months. I am one of six spiritual kindred with the same mother.

How were you led to believe you were on the same path? Was it mother herself that sent you?

You must be careful on this journey. It is not an easy one or a short one, and you will often find yourself the host to unexpected guests in the dark places in your soul that were previously locked away.

Tread carefully this ground, for you will find yourself forever changed by it.

We should talk more in person. I have a safe house in Arkham, Massachusetts please come to meet me there as soon as you can. I will be there by October 24th. You can trust the messenger delivering this message to assist you with transportation if needed.

Sincerely, Amanda Krusemark