The Stars Are Right: Amanda Cohen

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Amanda Cohen

Amanda Cohen-Krusemark[edit]

Wedding Day, anonymous
Engraved on the inside by Robert Krusemark: my wife, 10-12-1932, my everything

played by Jeri Bandy-McNeill

The Principle of Illumination. Her birthday is Feb 19th. Amanda and Robert Krusemark were married on October 12th, 1932 in a civil ceremony in Essex County courthouse. They are in the process of opening Krusemark and Cohen Investigations, offices in New York, Philadelphia, Arkham and an unnamed island of the coast of Greece in the Mediterranean.

Amanda and Robert have taken up a rather spacious rental residence at 45 Colton Parkway, Arkham, Massachusetts. The exterior grounds are lovely and parklike, and the the interior features at least six bedrooms, it was probably a boarding house at one point, now it is host to high ranking government officials and powerful businessmen like Marcus Dubcek. The fireplace has a unique picture hanging above it that is unmistakably Amanda and Robert in an embrace.

Amanda was present at the New York Incursion on 19 October, 1932.





Journal Entries[edit]