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Overarching goal – Save the world

Primary plan – Pentheus

Pros –

1) Through a pair of predictive sources, we have some reason to believe that the Pentheus plan will be ‘successful’. That is, the world will not end under this plan.
2) Their plan seems logical, it is already underway, and it is straightforward to understand why they might succeed.

Cons –

1) Large loss of human life (approx. 30% of world population)
2) Methodology is unpleasant (‘feeding people to the monsters’)

Why choose Pentheus?—

The predictive modeling we engaged in tried to answer the question: ‘What happens if we leave Pentheus alone?’

It is not unreasonable to assume that if we actively assist them, instead of merely leaving them alone, we can mitigate the negative effect of the ‘cons’.

The ‘containment’ part of the Pentheus plan looks like it will be successful.

The magnitude of the loss of life is due to the excessive length of time required for the ‘develop weapons’ portion of the Pentheus plan.

In the area where the Seelie and un-Seelie courts are located, time is compressed at a 30:1 scale.

By itself, relocating the weapon development portion of the plan to one of these areas should result in a vastly lower casualty outlook (1/30th, or a reduction to 1% of world population, before any other mitigating circumstances are taken into account).

Our other allies, who have other plans in mind, would largely be unaffected by our pursuit of this plan. Most things they do to bolster the world’s defenses should put Pentheus in a stronger position, thus lessening the negative effect of the cons.

Where do we go from here? –

Generally speaking, the steps to take would be ones that strengthen Pentheus, increase the number and/or power of Pentheus’s allies (including us), or damage Pentheus’s enemies. Given my current knowledge, the following courses of action strike me as most useful—

1) Destroy the Brotherhood of the Beast
a. They have previously attacked Pentheus
b. Baron Hauptmann has returned, elevating their danger … destroying them quickly is preferable to allowing them to consolidate their power / disrupt other plans
c. They have many powerful sorcerers dedicated to bringing Outsiders down to our world
d. We might be able to bring in the Fae to help with a lot of the heavy lifting
e. Located in Cluj, which will require a lot of travel

2) Co-opt the Brotherhood of the Beast
a. They have a lot of knowledge that could be useful
b. They have power that could be put to the world’s defenses
c. Removes them as an enemy of Pentheus
d. Would probably require destroying Baron Hauptmann, which may be difficult, since he is a ‘body-jumper’
e. Is considerably more dangerous than the option of destroying them

3) Use our contacts with the U.S. government to assist Pentheus
a. If the government is allied with Pentheus, Pentheus can spend more time fighting off incursions and less time rallying support from the people
b. Pentheus is located here; D.C. is likely location of George Fuller? Might be currently convenient
c. It is unclear how strong our support is within the government
d. Might be inconvenient for Pentheus to be brought (more) to the government’s attention

4) Locate Donal
a. He is associated with Pentheus, though it is unclear how
b. He is almost certainly a critical figure in the ‘ascendance’ of the Principle of Aspiration
c. He is almost certainly associated with NYC, so pursuing him is, currently, convenient
d. Not as obviously useful as other options

5) Meet Alan St. Mar
a. Appears to be a genius… could help Pentheus with the development of weapons
b. Insane
c. Possibly evil
d. Located in Nevada, which is not a convenient location
e. Time constrained – Meeting would have to take place by August 15-20

6) Research the Sword of Solomon
a. Could be very useful in combating Outsiders
b. Could assist in weapon development for Pentheus
c. It is unclear where to begin

7) Split and reconvene
a. Members who want/need training (Henrik, Stewart, and Jake?) could head to Unseelie Court and spend a year. Others could take on one of the other tasks (St. Mar?)