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Alignment: LN

Symbol: Syberis


The Chamber is composed largely of Young Adult and Adult Dragons, though many of the higher ranking members are Ancient (via aging while serving). More of a Confederacy than a true Organization, the only real directing force it has is the High Council. Members are elected by majority among True Blooded Chamber members of each species, and there is one seat for every type. A member serves out its term until voluntarily stepping down, being deemed unfit by 3/4th majority of the Council, or death. Their edicts are as close to official law as The Chamber can muster.

Within The Chamber, as with the Dragon Congress, Oracles wield incredible influence. They are seen as the voice of Syberis, the conduit through which the God of Good communicates his will to his Children. The main difference, however, is that they will actively attempt to discover the meaning of and aid in the completion of said prophecies.

The disparate nature of The Chamber has not always served it well, though it has aided in keeping it from becoming too ambitious as a whole. Some Young Dragons, convinced of their own rightness or not of sound mind (or both), have been known to take matters into their own hands. The most recent example of this is Gurunberd.

As a side note, since The Watchmen vanquished Dagon and the Brotherhood of the Kraken, the Chamber has grown in influence among the Dragon Congress, though it is still looked upon with a great deal of suspicion.


Their primary goal is to advance the Prophecy, the end of which they believe to be the reassebling of Syberis' Divine Sparks and the restoration of the God of Good to his rightful place. To this end, they watch and guide the "lesser races", observe any and all Dragonmark Bearers (including Abberant Marks), and see to it that Divine Sparks remain uncorrupted (this one's not going very well).


The Children of Syberis have a multitude of ememies, and this list is probably far from complete. Oye.

The Lords Of Dust: The heirs of our ancient foes, the Rajah. Their dark schemes seek only to bring about the final victory of Khyber and the runiation of all that is good.

The Blood of Vol: A heathen cult of mortals led by the Abomination, Erandis D'Vol. Their unnatural fixation on abolishing death is an affront to Syberis.

The Quori/Dreaming Dark: Unholy monsters from the corrupted Plane of Dreams. That the Prophecy has abandoned their home is but further proof that they must not be allowed to continue with their mad schemes.

Cults of the Dragon Below: Disorganized and normally small, they remain a threat thanks to their weakening of the seals upon the Goddess of Evil and her servants. The stain they leave upon the places they infect may not be large alone, but the cumulative effect has been devistating to the Dragon Between.

Pyriel: The Fallen Angel seeks to be the New Syberis, when he has long since lost the very light the Holy Father bestowed upon him. We would pity him if the ultimate goal of his schemes were not in violation of all we hold dear.

Deathless: The Elves still carry with them the secrets of the Giants. Such magic should never be in the hands of mortals. They are a grave danger to all until such knowledge is at last erased from all memory.

Protectors of the Avatar: The Couatl were once trusted allies, yet they have chosen to ignore the Prophecy and bring about the ressurection of Syberis not by the words of the God of Good but by finding a proper vessel for a new one to grow. Fools.

The Lord of Blades: This madman, built from stolen Giant Technology and in possession of one of the Holy Father's Divine Sparks, just about destroyed all of reality. ARE WE THE ONLY ONES WHO CARE?!

The Daelkyr: Creatures of madness incarnate. Their very presence is poison to not only the Dragon Above, but the Dragon Between and her seal upon the accursed Dragon Below. If they are allowed to roam free, all existence could break apart.

Notable Figures[edit]


LG Male Gold Dragon

The oldest member of the High Council and its defacto leader, his wisdom and foresight grant him a great deal of respect from his peers. Though his almost dispassionate response to most every threat can come off as uncaring, and tends to grate on younger member's nerves, it is actually him doing his best to consider the situation fully. Even if there are times acting quicker may have saved some grief among the "lesser races", his guidance has seen to the successful repelling of the forces of Khyber for almost 800 years.


NE Female Red Dragon

The youngest member of the High Council that runs the Chamber, she is prone to hot-headedness and confrontation. She seems to pick up on more of the urgency the "lesser races" feel than her comrades, though whether it is a good or bad thing depends on the situation. It may just be part of what she is, but the others believe (and hope) it is just a side effect of having taught so many of the Bearers of the Crimson Flame over the years.


TN Female Blue Dragon

A Peace Maker among the very strong personalities and opinions of the Chamber, she is adept at diffusing tense situations (normally caused by Jacarro vs Larizza). Normally very respectful of opinions, she will not hesitate to cut short an unreasonable jab or argument. Ilayna can point out the flaws in a debate without insult and give any good points their due without flattery.

In short, if you can back it up, she's behind you. If you can't, be careful you're not cut on that wit of hers.


NG Female Silver Dragon

This Ancient dragon bears the gift of Prophecy, and fortold the coming of the evils that are now reemerging to poison the world. Though none know it outside the Chamber, she is also Saala Torrn, leader of the Gatekeepers.

Calm but forceful, she reports what she sees without fail, ensuring she is the voice of the Prophecy, and not an interpreter. She gives her opinion of her vision's meaning, but her interpretation is technically not given any more weight than the others of the Council.

Latashahak - Chamber Agent and a (possibly former) friend of Kiri's

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