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The Ladies refers to a collection of non-royal Ladies of Note in the social circles of Amber.

While an unofficial distinction, notable members include many of the ancient and knowledgeable women who have served in many roles. They also can be quite gossipy when crossed. Its a network to be feared.

Socially included members are :

among others.

When "The Ladies " are spoken of a few people are not considered among that group that are part of the Ladies intimate social group. These ladies of high and ancient royal rank are mostly recluses and are often visited by the ladies. The Ladies is generally spoken of as a non-royal group. Among them are:

  • Queen Clymnea. Retired Queen of Amber
  • Queen Calomala-Dowager Queen of Thelusia.
  • Exiled Queen Ala Nirath of Ataldask
  • Preceptor Undana of Ataldask
  • Queen Astrid of Amber

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