Lady Ain Breakwithe-Smythe

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Deputy Crown Herald


A proper, dignified, snooty, and almost yawningly smarmy woman who has been know to get embarrassingly drunk at the merest sip of gin, Lady Ain Breakwithe-Smythe is a encyclopedia of court etiquette, law, history, heraldry, titles and ranks, and nearly anything having to do with the formal elements of Amber.

She can drink gallons of wine, champagne, beers, Kalfala, even mead, but the smallest amount of distilled spirits destroy her. Probably has something to do with her shadow of origin.

She is Keeper of the Order of Precedence for Amber. She was the Chief Herald of Amber for 1000 years. She is the great-great-grandmother of the current head of House Breakwithe-Smythe. One note on her age. Approaching her dotage in 4750 she retired from public service. Suddenly during Eric's Interregnum she emerged from the privacy of the house, young, vital, active , and eager to return to service. The nature of Aging in Amber implies that something suddenly grabbed the interest of this ancient woman and revitalized her.

She and Dame Margot are dear friends and Flora dotes on her. Fiona is polite to Ain and has been known to be nervous and extraordinarily uncharacteristically jumpy around her, as if she knows something about Fiona . Something happened in the deep past neither Fiona or Ain will discuss, though its an open secret that something occurred.

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