The Land of Spoils and Promised Danger

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The Background[edit]

It is the largest unexplored continent in the World (for the World is what the everyday folk call this orb on which life teems while the learned scholars name the place Taermus). This great new land is ripe for colonization by the King and Queen of Kingsland but the great minerals and other secrets hidden in the deep woods, mountains, and perhaps even in the swamps or icy glaciers are coveted by not only the throne but others who would seek out this land to plunder its spoils or to set up their own seat of power. For those willing to help explore and protect the colonists of this new land, there is good work and spoils to be had for them as well. Indeed, this is where we find the Troupe of the Newdawn, named for the new opportunities that await those brave explorers. The Troupe has set up a consignment for able bodies explorers who would face the unknowns in this new land.

Camp Newdawn is a modest establishment, having a makeshift "mess tent" that passes for a tavern and place to grab a small meal, the cabins where those of the Troupe and other visitors can get some rest, the Temple which is mostly devoted to Pelor but also holds a host of minor shrines as well, as well as the Officer's Tent for those of the Troupe who are considered its leaders, and a few storage tents for supplies and equipment.

The New Land Map[edit]

As it Stands now:



The Explorers[edit]

These are the brave (or desperate, or insane, or...nevermind) these are the explorers of the New Land.

Total XP Thus Far: 1175

Dancer Under the Crescent Moon (Dancer to Her Allies) Dancer is a Tabaxi Hexblade from the "Golden Deserts" of Kabarr in the East who wanders and looks for her next hunt, she especially has a distaste for raiders. Played by: Talisman [1]

Dr. Alfans Lunarre The Longtooth Shifter Bloodhunter, Alfans is fresh from gaining his doctorate and ready to see the world outside of the tomes (and also a hunter of dark things). Played by: Woolishly Grim [2]

Meiovar[3] This Half-Elf Sorceress is a mystery to her peers even in the collegiate realms where she studied. She roams the lands of the World looking for what might be over the next ridge and, especially, what ancient knowledge might be uncovered along the way. Played by: Stormraven

Iman Iman is a Human druid who began an unremarkable life only to be sought out by her teacher and, she soon found, the World itself. She wanders the ways and wilds offering wisdom to those who seem in need of it. Played by: Silvercat Moonpaw [4]

Thol Wolf-Brother, Son of Hrin A wandering Human barbarian far from his home and clan in the Great North, Thol has great respect for his axes and his drink. His allies are happy to have him pointed at their enemies. Played by: Archer [5]

Zass Zass is a Yuan Ti Pureblood, or perhaps it should be said she was until being cursed by the Fey and bound to them. Now her emotions have been unleashed as she uses stealth and magic as a Thief/Warlock to make her way through the world, lost to her own people. Played by: Stattick Zass

The Troupe of Newdawn[edit]

The Troupe of Newdawn are a group of people who represent the influential and wealthy of Kingsland as well as the group of colonists hoping to call the New Land home one day. This small group is in charge of the exploration and clearing of (when necessary) the unexplored territories of the New Land. The group consists of ex soldiers from the King and Queen's army, mercenaries, and others in the opportune position to strike out for an unexplored part of the world and those who can "get the job done".

Commandant Horris Belevante

This stalwart human is typically seen in his retired uniform from the King's Guard. His long gray hair shows his years where his strong and confident physique does not. The Commandant oversees the entire operation of the Troupe, from everyday affairs such as ration shortages or, if the Troupe is lucky, overages, and any petty squabbles the Troupe (or its visitors) may have to larger threats such as raids by monsters or "competition" showing up. Though Exploration and the purging of dangerous and vile creatures is a primary concern of the Commandant, his main concern is the safety of the Troupe (without the Troupe the operation is lost, after all) and with the help of his second, Bijinn Umi, and the "Good Captain Bashaar Firescale" is ready to evacuate the Troupe to the Captains ship, the Silt Maiden, at a moment's notice.

Bijinn Umi

Bijinn Umi is a mysterious woman, presumably human though very pale, from the Mysterious East, calling her home on the rare times she talks about her home, as the Bay of Jade. Bijinn Umi does not talk a lot and seems very shy on matters that pertain to her, directly, and is very vocal on giving orders as the "second" to the Commandant. She is skilled in tactics and combat both, carrying twin blades with a bluish metal tint and inspiring confidence in all of her allies. Though an enigma from an even more enigmatic land, she has won the trust and respect of her peers and is treated as one of the Troupe just as much as any who might be more "local". Bijinn Umi is responsible for a lot of the items that the Commandant just can't juggle and is, in particular, responsible for the security of Camp Newdawn. It is whispered around camp that Bijinn Umi often makes weather predictions with amazing and unnerving accuracy, impressing even the resident magical expert of the Troupe, Shalahazz.

Kalen Kalen is a simple and average-appearing man until he talks, at which point he demands the attention of those aorund him with his deep voice which fits his representation and devotion to Pelor whose sun-symbol is worn about the man's neck boldly and proudly. The priest of the Troupe and keeper of the Temple, a simple cabin with a major shrine to Pelor and minor shrines to "lesser" deities, Kalen serves as the Troupe's healer, spiritual guide, and simple confidant when necessary. Kalen is also seen pitching in wherever necessary (and whenever the opportunity to teach others about the Father of the Light. Next to Bijinn Umi, Kalen is likey the most trusted person in the Troupe not only to the Commandant but to the Troupe as a whole.

Verna Brushbrittle Verna is a halfling but no one sees her as that diminutive race, what they see in Verna is that she is a master chef that could cook for the King and Queen's table in the Great Halls themselves. Verna's best talent is taking what little rations and hunted game there is in Camp Newdawn and creating something amazing from it. Her meals are the stuff of legends the way the folk of the Troupe talk and the "Mess Tent" is virtually packed and as wonderful smelling as any tavern or inn when good food and drink are about. The Troupe are especially fond of the Newberry Wine, a special concoction that Verna has discovered and created from the local "Newberries" discovered in the New Land. As intoxicating as wine and as sweet as Sweet Water served in any Tavern or Inn. Verna cannot be underestimated as being more than capable of taking care of herself, either. Many a man much larger than she has come to fear her switch for getting into her stores or trying to help themselves to her stew pot. Her second is a young halforc boy named Timid which fits him well as he is very shy and afraid that his heritage will earn him ill will. But Verna demands respect of her cooking pupil and the Troupe give it, even calling Timid Verna's son.

Shalahazz An elf whose powers are unmatched in the variety of spellcasters in the Troupe, Shalahazz's source of magic is also a deep mystery and most, even fellow spellcasters, can't pin him down as a Wizard, a Sorcerer, or a Warlock of some sort. This elf looks noble born with the most sharp and perfect features of his race, but his ageless features common to his people is marred by the streak of silver in his hair which starts at the brow and continues around to his long locks. He doesn't talk about this, pointing out that the color of his hair has little to do with academia or important magical matters of the Troupe. He has proven himself continuously and is known for his magical battle prowess as one of the first in the company to fight off a monster attack when the Troupe established camp, but his serious and mysterious air is often offputting to the others of the Troupe. Shalahazz is often busy studying in his tent which is fairly good sized as it also serves as the magical market of the Camp though the selling and buying duties are left decidedly to Thellen Stareye the young human man under his tutelage and also the shopkeep of "Shalahazz's Wonders" as the tent has come to be called.

The Troupe Watch The Watch are warriors and wizards who serve to guard Camp Newdawn as well as working as gatherers of food, wood, flora, and other resources necessary to keep the Troupe sustained. Though the Watch are behooven to both Bijinn Umi and Commandant Belevante, the Watch's leader of sorts is Watch Commander Eulis (known not to her face as Eulis the Red after her former pirate name). The Watch is composed of all sorts of folks from all sorts of backgrounds who have come to be a kind of family, respecting one another despite some of their differences both culturally and ethically. All members of the Watch have proven themselves capable and, more importantly, loyal. It doesn't hurt that Eulis has made it clear that those who work against the Troupe's purpose or prove unworthy of the Troupe's trust will be exiled from the camp into the unknown of the New Land never to return on promise of death. To date, this threat has only been carried out once but no one talks about the details, telling any who inquire to take it up with Eulis, herself, if they dare. Thanks to the Watch and their competence as warriors and spellcasters both, the Campo has been left mostly peaceful since the first monster attack was turned away.

Oborik This is a word that immediately raises alarms in the Camp as anyone coming to work for or visit the Troupe is hastenly told. The Oborik are a group of monsters local to the New Land who could be called goblins or ogres or orks, save for the fact that they have a unique appearance and vary in size between all three of the before mentioned. They are called Oborik because that is the only words they utter (and the Troupe isn't sure that they got the word right with the monsters' thick gutterish accents). The creatures are described as very pale creatures with golden wolf-like eyes and black claw-like nails. They have blood red fur which acts as hair but courses down the back of their necks and backs resembling something closer to fur. They are sneaky and competent fighters but have not been seen again since the first raid, other than in small bands that have been wiped out or avoided.

Camp NewDawn[edit]

Camp NewDawn is often just called the Camp by the Troupe. The place is in its humble beginnings but yearns to become a port town one day. The Commissions Tent This is where groups meet to discuss affairs and to determine what the various groups of the Troupe of NewDawn will be doing from day to day. The entire Troupe is lined up here in the morning directly after breakfast to receive their daily work orders.

The Explorers Quarters This is where the Explorers, the newcomers to the New Land lay their head, clean up, and stow their items they don't care to carry about with them. The place is centered by a round-ish table with the map of the New Land on it as well as a few ink wells and quills to make adjustments to the map and make plans for what to explore next.

The Mess Tent Also just called the Mess, this is where the halfling cook and her half-orc helper prepare meals. And they do a very good job of it as well. The tent is never empty during meal times, especially when the Camp is alive with the aroma of fresh baked bread from Verna's small oven that it is said was a gift from a gnomish merchant. Verna's half-orc helper also guards the stores, the tent directly behind the Mess where the Camp's food is kept and carefully rationed out by Verna, herself.

Pelor's Light Also called the Temple Tent, this is where the Troupe go to worship, to commune with Kalen, also called Father by many and Kalen of Pelor's Grace by those who really want to try to earn his favor or respect. Though Kalen is not the only one in the Camp capable of healing, he is the only one capable of bestowing Blessings and will do so sparingly to those he finds truly worthy or in need. He is serious in his devotion and piety but he is also the friendliest face one is likely to encounter in the Camp. The temple tent, itself, is centered by the shrine of Pelor and the large, carved stone sun that is the center of Pelor's Shrine. But, surrounding the place in a circle are shrines ot other minor deities of travel, nature, and good fortune.

The Command This is the only actual cabin in the Camp. It is the quarters of the Commandant Horris Belavante on a second floor with the first floor having two smaller quarters for Umi Bijinn and Watch Commander Eulis. Aside from the quarters, this cabin also has a sitting room which is both a haven for the Troupe's upper command ass well as a meeting place when a meeting is truly necessary outside of the Commissions Tent.

Provisioner The company's provisions officer as he prefers to be called, is a strange fellow named Rathaen. Strange in so much that he is shaped like a dwarf made completely of brass. His eyes are two precious gemstones and he seems to possess strength enough to pound out metal in his smithe by hand. He is often dodging the curiosities of the local wizard, Shalahazz who has offered to pay him to be studied. Rathaen insists, however, that he has no need of earthly treasures though he is quite fond of masterful works of weapons and art, especially stone and metal carved art which he will gladly pay a lot for. Though Rathaen seems to be a construct of some sort, he has a personality and appears to be free willed, even stubborn in some regards. He is forthright and open to the fact that he has no memory or knowledge of where he has come from or what, exactly, he is. The prices that Rathaen charge are very fair, only slightly above the standard prices in towns and cities due to the short resources and supply and demand, especially for arrows and bolts and any "profits" he makes that he doesn't use to buy artwork from travelers he gives to the Camp, itself to help it grow.

Places Of Interest[edit]

The New Land is an unexplored, vast continent full of places both beautiful and dangerous, some even terrifying. The Troupe of NewDawn have scarcely touched the surface of the land and mapped out even less of it. But a little knowledge can be better than no knowledge at all.

The Peaceful Isles This place is said to live up to its name and offers some food, good fishing, and resources, though these resources are limited and in order to avoid stripping the isles, the Troupe would like to find other resources in the New Land, itself. This is a place where both the Troupe of NewDawn and the crew of the Silt Maiden go to relax and enjoy themselves when time allows. The foliage here is green and tropical and the fish colorful and bright. The Newberries grow plentiful here, which the cooks in Camp NewDawn enjoy using for pies, drnks, and other refreshing fixings.

The Island of the Witch This island in contrast to the peaceful isles is a place covered in mists and mystery. The only group sent here to look around came back murderous and mindless save for a message that had been left with one man who had been controlled by something telling the Troupe to leave it alone. When the man recovered, all he could say is that "She" needed to be left alone and none have gone back to the island since.

The Great Swamp This great expanse of marshland is inhabited by lizardfolk and bullywugs according to the Troupe and, perhaps, a great winged beast as well that may or may not be a dragon. Some of the Troupe have been captured and eaten by the lizardfolk, making it unlikely that friendly negotiations can be made with these particular creatures. Oddly enough, the Oborik attacked from this general direction and, apparently, made it through the swamps unscathed somehow.

The Lush Green This section of tropical woodlands is said to be ruled over by creatures known as ghost monkeys. Creatures that can control nature, steal items very stealthily, and possibly even fly. It has been proposed most recently that these creature may be upset nature spirits as they seem to attack when the trees or fruits of this area are threatened.

The Lush Green, as the Explorers found out, was protected by a tropical treant and a host of phanatons who take the protection of this tropical forest paradise very seriously. Come to find out, another host of creatures has also started to crawl from the dark earth, spider-like beings known as the Colony of Strands.

Sunfrond, the treant warden of the Lush Green and friend to the phanatons asked that the Explorers investigate the Colony of Strands and find out what danger they pose to life in the Lush Green.

The Explorers met the Aranea as the Colony of strands call themselves. Rathaxx, an older Aranea in the guide of a man from the East and Kaliel, a more brash and younger Aranea that takes on the guise of a dark elf. The meeting was tenuous and there were a few times it almost came to a battle, especially with the younger Aranea insisting on possibly eating a tresspassing phanaton and practicing necromancy but cooler heads prevailed and no one lost their life that day, even the little would be brave phanaton.

Some brokerage of peace, while it lasts, was struck and news was taken back to Sunfrond who delivered an area of safe wood gathering as was promised. Though Sunfrond is dubious at best about an aliance with the spider folk he agrees to leave their ruins alone for the time being and to urge the phanatons to do the same.