The One Ring: Fellowship of The White Hand

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Summer of the year 2978 of the Third Age.

37 years after the death of Smaug the dragon, Middle-Earth is again a place of terror.

Bard the Dragonslayer, King of Dale, is dead and his son, Bain, struggles to keep control of his court after a failed coup d'état against him. His kingdom ravaged by a plague, the new king looks to build strong trade links with the lands of the South. Beorn the Skin-Changer is also gone but his son is too young to assume his leadership and the alliance of the Beornings is slowly breaking away.

In Mirkwood, The woodmen have been brought near extinction by the plague and other plots of Dol Guldur. The survivors are scattered in the Vale of the Anduin, abandoned by Radagast the Brown. The Elvenking, victim of the treachery of the Enemy, has closed the doors of his halls to strangers, cutting diplomatic relations with Dale and Esgaroth, reducing trade to the minimum and preparing his kingdom for War. The Woodland Realm now looks like a besieged fortress surrounded by darkness.

In Eriador, Trolls and Orcs roam the land and Wights have been spotted outside the Barrow-downs, making the mission of the Dúnedain much harder.

In the Riddermark, The Rohirrim are slowly recovering from the civil war that put the Eastfold against the Westfold five years ago. Thengel King has brought back peace in the Mark but he is now an old man. Soon the throne of Meduseld will pass to his only son, Théoden.

In these dark times, Saruman the White is in need of heroes to accomplish his goals and his emissaries are travelling around Middle-Earth to find adventurers ready to help fight against Sauron.


Aran, Son of Arulf
A swordsman of Esgaroth played by Max
Role: look-out
Eydis, The Fox
A healer of the Woodmen played by Sage Genesis
Role: huntsman
A warrior of Rohan played by Cultist of Sooty
Role: scout
A Dwarven hero played by stinkyfool
Role: scout
An Elven scholar played by RainGod
Role: look-out
Will Burrows
A Hobbit scholar played by Paul Watson
Role: look-out
A Dúnadan hero played by Lysus
Role: guide

Fellowship pool: 8 (max 8)



Saruman the White