The Pack

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The Pack

Wardens of the Wood/Children of Winter Off-shoot

Karrnath is a location that has always been largely at odds with much of the rest of Khorvaire in terms of religious practices. Ironically, it is due to the fact that many of its previous monarchs were religiously tolerant in addition to being hardcore militarists. It's divergent sects would have to immigrant to the Frontier (Later known as the Eldeen Reaches) to practice their various faiths.

One such example of Karrnath's faiths is the Pack, a millenium old Sect of Werewolves that was founded by a Werewolf that traveled from Sarlona with Lhazaar. The sect was a hardcore set of believers in the ways of Boldrei and attempted to reach a purer state of existence by merging with their animal spirits.

The innately savage nature of Werewolves was as often as not, not fully kept in check by their worship of the goodly god but they focused it against the enemies of Karrnath. Only the rise of the Church of the Silver Flame and it's savage opposition to anything that smacked of the Spirit World would force them to go underground. Even then, the County of Blitzschlag would maintain a history of Lycanthropy that was only barely concealed.

The pack would become corrupted in the early 900 Y.K. period when Kazandra would make her presence known amongst them and started teaching the ways of the Children of Winter. This heretical view combined with certain Blood of Vol teachings that Lycanthropy made werewolves innately superior to humankind and they should be ruled over like sheep. This was not really that hard of a sell to many of them, since they were used to being nobility in the region.

Many of them rallied behind Otto Von Blitzschlag, his mate Brunhilde (one of the many minor noblewomen that joined the lineage through political marriage before being infected with Lycanthropy), and others who lead this movement. Ironically; the Pack would be afflicted with a disaster during that time that records are sketchy about but seemed to involved Kaius Korth, a Knight named Zachery, and a being called Pyriel that slew many of its True Lycanthrope members.

Further Pack members would go off to fight in the Last War where they slew hundreds of Thranish Silver Pyromancers, Paladins, Clerics, and Aasimar. The damage would leave the sect more than half-dead and most of the nobility of Blitzschlag held by Beta Males that were unable to undergo the rituals to become full Lycanthropes. Otto Von Blitzsclag, the last Werewolf King, was exiled from Karrnath when the Emerald Claw was dismantled by King Kaius and without him the pack has been disorganized as well as leaderless. It is little more than a few minor groups of Infected Werewolves, Aged True who can't infect others, and many Shifter kin.

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