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  • Steven Cheng
    • a.k.a. Piao bo Jiao Kuang Feng (wandering dragon of the fierce wind)
    • a.k.a. Yao Feng (literally evil/terrible wind)
    • a.k.a. Dragon Wind (jiao feng)

CONCEPT: please write a short bio-bit on your character.

QUOTES: (for in and out of game quotes)

What is your villainous /heroic motivation?[edit]

The terrible wind fights for human freedom, however he has rather unorthodox views on what it means to be free. He believes that most society's prevent the individual from achieving their ultimate potential and so has stood beside the founders of most of china's dynasty's since the Qin (and many would be conquerors) yet has grown disgusted with them and left by the third generation in almost every case (making way for the imperial dragon to begin supporting them). He has not changed with the invasion of the aliens but the perceptions of his actions have as the people hate and fear the overlords he now fights.

Character Flags[edit]

  • He would wish to reclaim the saber that he granted to the emperor heavenly demon (who dint succeed at taking the the throne) low those long years ago.
  • Non-Chinese dragons (non-divine?)
  • The reestablishment of the world of lakes and forests (aka the marshal arts world), possibly though the underworld.
  • Get a college education
  • The distinction between Steven Cheng and the terrible wind.

Prison Term and/or Your greatest defeat[edit]

  • Worst defeat: six thousand years ago at the end of the waring states period he was slain by the imperial dragon and lost his body but survived as a concept to be continually born anew.
  • Worst recent defeat: When engaged in his duties, as an urban warlord, the police were called in and after The Terrible Wind cut a cop car in half that the police were hiding behind causing them to retreat and called for the aid of a hero (doesn't matter which one but say a pl 10 plus fly er) who defeated the terrible wind in single combat, landing him in jail.



  • TJ (Terrance Jackson) the number two man from his old gang the Heavenly furies, TJ took the hand to hand combat training that Steven gave him as well as a key aim with pistols and has joined the local mob as an enforcer though he has started to work his way up the ranks.
  • Yu Mei (jade plum flower) or just Mei is a Chinese alchemist who became immortal and has known various incarnations of Terrible wind for nearly three thousand years but refuses to tell her actual age. The two have been lovers several times over the time they have known each other. Terrible wind last encountered her five hundred years ago living as a hermit on the sacred mountain of the center (in central china).
  • Melisa Rutherford is a newspaper photojournalist who comes from an old money family. They first met in high school where Steven stopped a group of boys from beating her (she was always a bit of a tomboy with a bit of a chip on her shoulder), they have been friends ever sence and while they never dated they have been intamate a few times over the years.


  • Wu Feng is the lieutenant in the local tong, and organizes a lot of the underground marshal arts tournaments in the city.
  • Nunzo Is the bouncer at a local nightclub owned by the mob.
  • Alex Glisten is a professor of archeology at Freedom City University.


  • Charles Wilsin was the leader of the South-side kings who's membership made up the original nucleus of Heavenly furies. Charles has never forgiven the terrible wind for taking away his gang or for the injury he received to his leg in the fight which causes him to need a cane to walk. Mr. Wilsin is now a rising bureaucrat in the city hierarchy.
  • The Heavenly imperial dragon is his natural counterpoint and they have long hated each other and battled many times over the years.
  • Chin Wong and Steven Cheng grew up next door to each other and have hated each other for as long as they can remember for reasons they no longer remember. Chin is now a police officer who tries to do the right thing for his neighborhood making the best of a bad situation.


  • The Golden Mandrake is a traditional Chinese apothecary run by Stephens grandfather.
  • There is a small Taoist temple near the Cheng family residence where they went to worship.
  • In one of the parks there is a way into some old maintenance tunnels where Stephen used to go to smoke pot, make out, and preform other acts of youthful rebellion.


  • The Heavenly furies, while none of the original membership remains they still practice marshal arts and marksmanship and Esau drive by shootings as well as most uses of automatic weapons. While the terrible wind is no longer their leader he would still likely come to their aid and his name still commands respect among their ranks.
  • The local Tong has had a professional relationship with the last two Treble winds.
  • The Quan tian Shang (fist of heaven) is an old order dedicated to defending china who have throughout most of their history considered the terrible wind to be an enemy and a danger to the land, but have joined forces with the terrible wind three times in the past during the decadent decline of some of the dynasty's.